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Time Diamonds

Time Diamonds

Of all the various things I do casting objects in various types of polymer resin is probably what I enjoy the most. One day, I'll get a 3D printer - Father Christmas, are you listening?

Meantime, here are some Time Diamonds and a playful chandelier.


Time Diamonds 1


Time Diamonds 2


Time Diamonds 3


Time Diamonds Seamless Repeating Background Image

Time Diamonds Seamless Repeating Background (while I was there ...) 

The Time Diamonds are an evolution of Casting The Bones; if you know, you know.


Playful Chandelier

And here's the "Playful Chandelier."

In the olden days, only very rich people had chandeliers. This is still the case today; and you'll find chandeliers either in rich people's houses or sad little imitations in the houses of wannabes.

But the purpose of a chandelier is not to make the neighbours jealous; it's about sparkling light around the room and making it look magical as rainbows and little light movements are reflected off shiny surfaces. It's a fairyland thing, it delights the human neurology.

So I've made a chandelier that's not grandiose, doesn't even try to be, and is just about sparkling light around the room from a single modern light saving bulb. Dead simple, just a metal spiral with random sparklies and left overs from various castings, but it's making me smile.

Perfect :-)


SFX May 2012

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