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To Paint A Man

To Paint A Man

Following The Real Man project, I thought the next step was to paint a man. Now, I was not altogether wrong with that idea; in fact, "to paint a man" is perfectly correct.

Only we're not painting a man like in an oil portrait. Oh no ... We are painting on the man. Of course ... obvious once you know ... and oh, so very primal.

Hand painted in light on a naked man

To Paint A Man

SFX July 2013

Now, once you start on THAT track, there's no end to it ...

You can paint a man, and you can write on a man too.

More wants to be done, find out where it leads, what the next step might be.

Words on a man - mirror mirror

Mirror Mirror

Text & Image by SFX 2013


The thought occurs - if I put my poems onto naked people, will the get more attention ...? Any attention ...? We poets live in hope and dream ...!!!

Poem on a naked man

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