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Visionary Art - The NOA by Silvia Hartmann

Visionary Art - The NOA by Silvia Hartmann

Visionary Art Painting The NOA - Result of a vision quest in acrylics on canvas by Silvia Hartmann

Visionary Art:


by Silvia Hartmann

March 2006 - Acrylics on canvas

Visionary Art - The NOA by Silvia Hartmann



This picture came about as a result of a Project Sanctuary exercise - to go on a Vision Quest and find an archaeological artefact.

I found this object, about the size of a hand, made from golden alien material and at first thought it to be an owl statue, or a statue of an owl god, but on further investigation, it turned out to be an alien machine, a cross between a mobile phone, a homing beacon and a key to lead me to a mysterious city of gold.

That is how it got its name - The Non Owl Artefact or NOA for short.

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