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Water Energy

Water Energy

An interesting experience in "creating energy art" that leaves me thinking ...

I am currently "working on" a piece of Modern Energy Art which is complex, challenging and has all sorts of places where things could go horribly wrong. The other night, as I was cleaning up, I noticed that I had put way too much blue, green and white on the pallette, and it seemed a shame to waste these lovely colours. So I got an old canvas out, a big brush and without thought of any kind, dropped bands of colour on it. Took perhaps 10 mins. The idea was to do this as a background for something else later.

Energy art painting of sky and water in blues by Silvia Hartmann

"Water Energy" 20x16in Acrylics on Canvas, Silvia Hartmann, July 2022

Next morning, I looked at it and thought, "I like this. Could be a seascape or something. Or standing by the side of a river ..." I don't want to put anything further on it or over it. It's got interesting refreshing energy just like it is.

And this got me to thinking ... Do I "work too hard" at making these stressful, challenging pieces? When it could be easy, spontaneous, not work at all, more like a happy manifesting experience that leaves you happy inside rather than knackered after furious concentration?

Well now, that's a question ...

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