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White Dragon Design For Project Sanctuary 11

White Dragon Design For Project Sanctuary 11

Project Sanctuary 1993 had the original "DragonRising" as its logo.

Now it's 2011, the new Project Sanctuary book is just being published in the VIP club, and so it was time for a new site design for

Project Sanctuary is a really difficult proposition to design for because it is so many different things to so many different people.

You could have a landscape full of star gates and each one leads to a different world.

You could have a room with countless doors leading off it, and each one opens to a different land, a different adventure.

You could have island worlds floating in the starry space of pure potential ...

You could have fantasy fairies, sci fi planets, oriental dragons, classical architecture, contempory urban landscapes and so much more besides ... muscled heroes, naked ladies, aliens, angels ...

And it's all that and then some so that's a challenge.

In the end, I kept it simple and went for my two favourite things - turning into a dragon and flying the planes, and Pertineri, the White City which contains the interdimensional market and meeting place in time and space.

I seem to be in love with these ethereal white blue blends at the moment - why not.

So here it is, the Project Sanctuary "White Dragon" design:

White Dragon Design 4 PS11

White Dragons Flying To Pertineri


The dragon is based on the Fantasy Fiction dragon design, a proud heritage to be sure. Here is a White Dragon png, just in case ... :-)

White Dragon png

See the new PS site design here:

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