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Why Artists Should Join The GoE

Why Artists Should Join The GoE

I've met some amazing artists in my time - but I've never met one yet who wouldn't have loved what we do at The Guild of Energists. Here are my top five reasons why I think artists (real artists!) should join the GoE.

Why Artists Should Join The Guild Of Energists!


I am a founder of The Guild of Energists GoE, the first truly MODERN association for people who love energy, "get" energy, and know full well energy is absolutely real.

They know this because they had personal experiences that convinced them, left them with no doubt whatsoever.

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me ... I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind, but now I see ..."


When this happened to me, of course I went to investigate all the other energy "stuff" out there, and frankly, I didn't like it. I didn't like all that ancestor worship - "Some guy who has been dead ten thousand years ago knows better than you, so shut up, don't ask questions, and study those 74,000 nadis until you're at least 90 ..."

I didn't like the wibbly-wobbly New Age unicorn with angels and dolphins stuff. It lacked clarity, certainty and most of all, real power.

I didn't like the way science completely ignores energy. I am a scientist at heart, and soon realised that without understanding energy, you can NOT understand how anything works.

Especially not human beings.

Which brings me to "emotions."

Science doesn't even try to define it; psychology operates without a definition of emotion. Wow ...

Over the past few decades, I've made it my business to bring energy into the modern world. I started with emotions because that's the most urgent problem for everyone, you, me, mankind - getting control over our emotions is the one thing we need to stop being such fools all the time.

And by that I do not mean "not having emotions" or "ignoring emotions" like the old oriental monks have been trying to do forever, and like the modern science nerds are trying to do today.

I mean being able to choose your emotions, and handle your emotions in a grown up fashion. Proper emotional control.

And so we come to the whole energism story. Modern energism is based on proper human experience, right here and now, and we develop and discover marvellous new techniques the world has never known.

All you have to do is to factor in that people really do have an energy body, and that this body lets us know how "it feels" by sending us emotions - bad emotions when the energy body feels bad, and good emotions when the energy body feels good. Really, it couldn't be simpler.

Emotions are in fact our true, proper, real 6th sense.

And here we come to art.

There is no way Jose we can do art without the 6th sense. We have to be "moved" to make true works of art, and other people have to be able to "sense" that extra presence that is the "energy body" of the work of art. Art is supposed to impact the energy body.

So this is the pre-story if you're completely new to all of this; so now to the reasons why artists should join The Guild of Energists.


1. Every real artist is already an energist.

This is what I hear all the time - "Of course! That's exactly what I've always felt - finally I've got the words and the concepts to understand and explain myself!"

The way the old oriental monks talked about energy doesn't make sense to modern people. The New Age talk of "subtle energy" is just nonsene. There's nothing whatsoever "subtle" about energy - it's energy (aka emotion!) that creates wars, sickness, stress, murder, you name it! It's as unsubtle as being clubbed over the head, or stabbed in the stomach!

Energy is REAL, it is POWERFUL, it drives what we do from the cradle to the grave.

Nobody would be "an artist" if they didn't understand that, if they didn't already know they have these powerful emotions, this powerful energy that needs to find an outlet, an expression in any modality - that's why we artists do art!


2. It's great not being all alone any longer!

In an ordinary class of ordinary kids, there's one who really is an artist, has art in their soul to the degree that they can't help themselves - they MUST do art or else go mad.

Simples ...

Artists are essentially rare and to get together with other people who understand energy, understand emotion, want to discuss this, want to explore this, want to USE THIS for their own personal evolution is a godsent.

I love that.


3. It's great when people "get it" what you're trying to do!

Every modern energist, no matter what they do, will approach your art from a totally different standpoint.

They're not going to go on about poncy crap. They are going to face your art and ask themselves, "Now where do I feel THAT in my body?" They will interact with your art not with five senses, but six.

Most of all, they will understand that whatever you're doing, it's a part of a journey, your unique journey, and they will be glad to encourage you.

That's just awesome, and for many artists (certainly for me!) exactly what we've been waiting for.


4. Modern energism is about individual evolution.

Every person has their own energy body and their own unique path through life.

Artists know that they do art for their own personal evolution, above all else, and above and beyond what anyone else might think, or say or do.

Art is an exploration, an ongoing adventure that has no end.

Modern energism wants to bring this spirit to everyone, but artists already know this, so we can skip the bit where we have to try and convince people that there is MORE out there - more to experience, more to achieve, more energy, more power, more love ...

We energists are discovering awesome new methods to stop getting in our own way, to overcome past trauma, to speed up evolution and to make the general every day not only more bearable, but much more exciting and inspiring.

We have methods to get over freakouts. We have methods to de-stress. We have methods a person can use to get over themselves, to stop procrastinating, to start gaining traction in the real world.

Above all else, we have each other. (This is why we called it The Guild of Energists - we have no gurus, this is NEW, we are peers as we're exploring how this energy thing works, together, and share what we are learning with each other. We don't need yet another cult. We need inspired, powerful people working together and exchanging information, empowering each other, not more crazy ant people!)


5. I want artists!

Yes, that's very true. At the moment, there are a lot of therapists and psychologists in the energist's world, but modern energism isn't really about endless healing and endless therapy. At some point, the healing stops and then we're into different realms - enjoying life, having fun and making this incarnation count for something.

Modern energy is about personal evolution. It's about playing with reality, about creating new things, about understanding the power of energy, art and magic on a deep and profound level.

We already have many visual artists, poets, writers and composers in our membership. This makes GoE vibrant, alive, and adds that magical dimension, that sparkle, that energy should always bring with it.

Modern energism isn't about sitting a corner and omming. It's about joy, and dance, and colours, and lights, and sparkle, and electricity tingling through your entire body, and being glad to be alive.

If any or all of that makes sense to you, then come and join us in The Guild of Energists. We have an open art group for everyone who loves art and energy, or wants to learn more about energy art, art solutions and all of that. We have a great magazine, The Energist, which always features energy art as well as tips and techniques, case stories and information. As a member, you get great discounts on events and information and lots of free stuff too.

Above all, bringing your own individuality, your questions, your challenges and your adventures to the energy party enriches us all - so join The Guild of Energists today!


With best wishes,

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann

Artist and energist :-)

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