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Word Art: Transience

Word Art: Transience

From mundane design to word art - poem to paper, and eventually, a meditation on transience.

Art doesn't let itself be confined into arbitrary categories. I think today was a major reminder of that ...

It all started with wanting to make some more background fills for websites - I'd done old paper and now I wanted some seriously ancient paper for my gallery.

Something with faded words on it that you can hardly read any more.

Something like this:


 Word art - ancient paper with words you can hardly read


Now in order to achieve this, you start with a background texture (which I had from this mornings wonderworlds trip with the micro-camera) and then you add a structure to it.

In this case, the structure was to be words.

Word art structure png


 So when I came to make this structure, instead of just typing random letters, I found myself writing a hypnodream poem which would be on the page even though you wouldn't be able to read it.

And as it so happens, hypnodreams tend to flip into a vision of some kind; in this case it was about the erosion of artificial knowledge represented by the paper and the words.

Now, we have a poem. Which, as it is based on a vision, is art by my definition.

Or you could call it a path into word art.

Here are two pieces of word art based on the poem.

This "poster design" which acknowledges the original technical reason of making a variator map in the first place:


word art poem words on a page

 (You can read the hypnodream poem Words On A Page typed out here)

But I wasn't finished with it just yet.

Something more wanted to be done.

And this is the second piece, simply three ancient pieces of paper about to fall apart, unreadable, clearly transient and not standing the test of time ...

  Transience - an evolution of word art

Transience by Silvia Hartmann 2010

And there we have it.

Words, art, word art - in the end, it's all in the vision.

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