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Zero is to me a very important painting. It was a process that I did not design for myself, but it happened over quite a long period of time, from 2000 to 2001. 

I had been painting various things - mostly vision based paintings - for some time and felt I could go on like that forever. When I feel like that, I know it is time to move on ...

So I purchased a large square canvas and propped it up in the sitting room. There it sat for quite some while and I would look at it every so often and wonder what should be on it.

It was there for perhaps ten days before I finally got up and put a big ribbon all across it with a roller brush. 

That was that. I had no idea what that was about and didn't question it; and so over the next 12 months, every so often I'd just get up and add something to the painting. 

Once in a while I would turn it by 90' and the process continued in its own time, in its own way, until one day, it was finished.

Not long after that came Art Solutions - the movements that describe the journey.

But whilst this painting was happening by itself, I learned numerous things.

That I don't have to explain why I want a splosh of purple here, or some ball shaped objects over there.

That there is a level to me that knows what it wants, is very specific, and it communicates in colours, shapes and movements.

That there is no hurry really, and that what other people think of as a work of art is completely irrelevant to an artist's own processes.

And I learned that you can make people literally sea sick if you let them look at a painting for a while, and then you pick it up and flip it upside down.

Quite amusing, that ...

At any rate, here is Zero.

In all four orientations.


Zero by Silvia Hartmann, 2000, All Sorts On A Big Square Canvas.


 Zero by Silvia Hartmann - One way up























Zero by Silvia Hartmann, painted in 2000, posted in 2014

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