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7 Energy Remedies

7 Energy Remedies

Energy remedies, magic energy potions, energy anti-venom, positive energy - here are the 7 Energy Remedies for energy body problems.

Use the 7 Energy Remedies game for healing and evolution by yourself, as often as you like, or play with friends, family and paying clients.

Art + Energy = MAGIC. Smile

There are seven magicial energy remedies to choose from.

Which one do you want to take, right now?

Follow your desire ...


7 bottles each containing a different coloured sparkling magical energy form

7 Energy Remedies, Silvia Hartmann 2017

How To Work With The 7 Energy Remedies:


EMO the energy remedy to an energized end state.

Basic EMO Instructions:

Focus on one of the energy remedies.

Where do you feel this in your body? Put your hands there.

Where does this energy need to go? Use your hands to trace the path.

Blockages or reversals along the path? Use your hands of energy and give the "Soften and Flow!" instruction with your mind.

Found the pathway all the way in, through and out? Excellent! Now re-focus on the energy remedy of your choice and speed up the energy flow until you reach The Energized End State.


Or use Modern Energy Tapping:

Focus on the energy remedy of your choice.

Keep the focus on the Heart Position, and on every energy point.

Use the energy tapping to remove blockages so the energy can flow in, through and out freely and fast, all the way to a +10.


Or use SuperMind:

Take the energy remedy to the perfect place in time and space in Sanctuary.

Open the bottle and find out what happens next ... :-)


More variations on the Energy Remedies game:

  • Each one of the magic energy remedy bottles contains something that has been missing from your life ...
  • Each one of the magic energy remedy bottles contains a super power ...
  • Each one of the magic energy remedy bottles contains a tonic for your energy body ...
  • The seven magic energy bottles all together are a course of healing and uplifting for your energy body. Which one will you choose first?
  • Think about a problem you have had for a long time. Which energy tonic/s in which order are the solution? Which one is first?
  • Which magic energy potion do you NOT want to take? Very interesting! Resolve with EMO or Modern Energy Tapping as above.
  • Expand your focus and EMO all the remedies together at the same time.



Silvia Hartmann

July 2017




July 2022

I am currently transcribing my video course "The Power of the Positives" and my aspect holds up her painting to explain some important principles. Oh dear ... I'll need a diagram! And then with joy I sicovered that my dear 2017 aspect had made one. That saved me at least 2 hours!

Video, image, transcription


Engaging with the 7 colour magic remedies afresh gave me an idea, so I am going to do a Star Matrix inspired Colour Therapy set for the Energy Show tomorrow (July 17, 2022) - Looking forward to it! :-)

Colour Therapy Star Matrix Magic Colour Healing Video Thumbnail

Colour Therapy Star Matrix Magic Colour Healing Video Thumbnail




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