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Master of Modern Energy Art

Created by Silvia Hartmann

A NEW 12 Month course in Modern Energy Art

leading to recognition as a First Generation Master of Modern Energy Art.


Group of white beings before a dimensional sky

Become a First Generation Master of Modern Energy Art –

and be among the first to create original works of modern energy art

for pleasure, personal development and profit.

Read: A Letter From Silvia





Master of Modern Energy Art

Created by Silvia Hartmann


A one year personal journey with Silvia to become a First Generation Master of Modern Energy Art – and be among the first to create original works of modern energy art for pleasure, personal development and potential profit.

Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to study and apply the principles of Modern Energy Art under the personal guidance and tuition of the Creator of Modern Energy, Silvia .

*Is this extraordinary opportunity for you?


Here is what you DON'T need to start this course:

  • University degrees in fine art;
  • Having spent decades studying art or art history;
  • A giant beautifully equipped studio (with natural daylight);
  • Mountains of expensive and tricksy equipment;
  • A massive budget for tuition, materials and accommodation;
  • Lots of arty friends and connections in the art world;
  • Having to carve great stretches of time out of your busy life.



An explosion of love and joy

Here's what you DO need to start this course adventure:

  1. A deep and life long fascination with all things ENERGY!

  2. A basic understanding of the principles of Modern Energy.

  3. A powerful knowing inside that you can CREATE wonderful things!

  4. A true desire to explore your own wellsprings of creativity.

  5. Being excited by the challenge – and the opportunity.

  6. A will to challenge old beliefs, old attitudes and old ways of being an artist.

  7. A real desire to unlock the power of art for your personal evolution.

  8. Not being afraid that energy art is actually energy magic!

Sparkly happy energy body illustration

What you pay:

  • You pay £1400 in 12 monthly instalments of £120.
  • The duration is one year to give you time to experiment, absorb and evolve.
  • The minimum time investment is estimated at 2 hours a week.


What you receive:

  • The opportunity to be among the First Generation Modern Energy Art Masters;
  • A thorough and personal grounding in Modern Energy Art;
  • Personal, individualised tuition by Silvia , the Creator of Modern Energy;
  • One full length video conference per month;
  • Ongoing unlimited private email and message support;
  • Personalised, custom modern energy art exercises created for you directly by Silvia ;
  • Practical tips and instructions;
  • Personal development support all the way.


Two prisms and one has the other one's back

"I Have Your Back" - Photograph by Silvia Hartmann

You also receive:

  • Ongoing powerful personal support from the creator of Modern Energy Art;
  • Your official GoE certification and standing as a Master of Modern Energy Art;
  • Your place in history as a First Generation Modern Energy Master;
  • The extraordinary personal development opportunity that Modern Energy Art offers;
  • The opportunity to sell your works of Modern Energy Art through The Modern Energy Art Gallery;
  • * For Modern Energy Trainers: The opportunity to teach Modern Energy Art in your own name following the successful completion of the course of study.


Let's Start At The Beginning!

... and it all starts with the person themselves, the magical artist waiting to emerge!

What is holding artists back?

 It's all about ENERGY!

Problems in the "Art Circuitry" will - must! - result in problems with reality creation. 

Making something with your own hands that has life, energy and power is the 101 of shaping your own reality - and if those circuits are broken or damaged, life can't be easy, effortless and fun.

In the past, artists have struggled endlessly with their own personal problems.

What happens when an artist's energy, ideas and creativity flows fast and free?

What works of art would be create?

Do you want to find out ...?


Making It All Real ...

Making your own works of energy art, with your own fair hands, is where the real fun begins.

Free from reversals and with the joy of the child, we can explore old art topics in a whole new way.

You get to play with what fascinates you the most, and learn and develop in your own time.

There will be some basic principles of Modern Energy Art to explore for everyone, and these include:

  • Modern Energy Art Design;
  • Modern Energy Art Drawing;
  • Modern Energy Art Painting;
  • Modern Energy Art Sculpture;
  • Modern Energy Art Magic Artefacts.

Beyond that, there is so much more - and it is entirely up to the artist what will happen next!

Spiral connected S Symbol for Silvia and for SuperMind

"S Is For Silvia" Design by Silvia Hartmann, 2015

Modern Energy Art Design



Drawn Ocean Waves

"Oceans Of Energy - The New Wave" Silvia Hartmann 2016

Modern Energy Art Drawing



Original Golden Horse Painting by Silvia Hartmann

"The Golden Horse" - Original Symbol Hybrid/Fairy Tale Illustration by Silvia Hartmann, 2004

Modern Energy Art Painting



Three Mens watching the fire

"Three Mens Watching The Fire" - Photograph by Silvia Hartmann, 2017

Modern Energy Art Photography



Silvia Hartmann's Mirrorman

"Mirrorman" Sculpture by Silvia Hartmann, 2007

Modern Energy Art Sculpture



Mysterious magical artefacts, three of them.

"Three Mysterious Magical Artefacts" by Silvia Hartmann, 2015

Modern Energy Art Magic Artefacts



A poem and a symbol hybrid painting great silver fish

"Great Silver Fish" - Poem & Painting by Silvia Hartmann, 2015


As the Modern Energy Art Masters course is a journey all of your own,

there may be many other modalities brought into play, such as

poetry, music and dance; digital art and installations; story, script and writing.


Silvia has worked with and inspired creative people all her life.

Take this unique opportunity to add The Master of Modern Energy Art to YOUR incarnation.

Magic Book Cover design by Silvia Hartmann

"Magic Book Design" by Silvia Hartmann, 2010


Modern Energy Art:

Energy + Art = MAGIC.




There are twelve places available for 2017.

Masters Of Modern Energy Art starts September 1st, 2017

Payment on a monthly recurring basis.

Book now to secure your place among the first Masters of Modern Energy Art today.




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