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Art 4 Energists: New Facebook Group For Modern Energy Art

Art 4 Energists: New Facebook Group For Modern Energy Art
Silvia Hartmann to Energy Art - Art For Energists  -22 November 2013 ·

Art makes no sense without energy, and indeed you can't do art correctly at all without energy. Art is reality creation of the first and most personal order and the original, first and most primal form of magic. All human creations come through art. As such, it is a HUGE topic for energists - and for artists, ENERGY is probably *the* topic. Even if they don't know that ... yet ... Excited to be starting this group in time for Solstice 2013!

First Art4Energists Exhibition!

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Art 4 Energists - The Modern Energy Art Group on Facebook

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E is for ENERGY!Do you love ENERGY? Do you love working with energy, playing with energy, talking about energy and discovering more about MODERN energy? Then join The Guild of Energists today! THE place to be for MODERN energists.

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