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Welcome, Visitor ...

... to the first annual energy art exhibition by the International Energist's Art Group: Art4Energists.

Art makes no sense without energy,

and indeed you can't do art correctly at all without energy.

Art is reality creation of the first and most personal order

and the original, first and most primal form of magic.

All human creations come through art.

As such, it is a HUGE topic for energists

- and for artists, ENERGY is probably *the* topic.

Even if they don't know that ... yet ...


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Energy Art

The Manifesto

1. Art Is Love

Without love, there can be no art. There has to be love - the love of art, the love of the Creative Order, love and power in the heart that guides the head that guides the eye, the hand, the voice ...

2. Art Is Evolution

Art must evolve the artist, above all else. Should it aid in the evolution of others, then we are doubly blessed.

3. Art Is Precious

Every attempt at art for love and evolution is precious beyond prize, never been known before, unique, and beloved.

Silvia Hartmann,

December 20th, 2014




Kirsten Ivatts

'Essence of Me' by Kirsten Ivatts

'Essence of Me' by Kirsten Ivatts

This was my first Soul Essence painting and it spurred me on to do others for other people.

Not for sale. You can however contact me to have your own painting done. Acrylic on canvas.



'In The Night Garden' by Kirsten Ivatts 2014

I love this painting and I have it on my wall. It is magical for me, the energy in the night garden, swirling from plants and from the water in the foreground.

The little sprite on the right looking at the water, the orbs doing their thing! It really gives me many threshold shifts.

Not for sale at the present time. If I can find a way to get good prints done I may sell prints in the future.




Mountain Storm by Kirsten Ivatts 2014

Acrylic on canvas board size 20 x 16 inches. Available to own. £150.00 plus postage and packing.



The Sea by Kirsten Ivatts 2014

The Sea by Kirsten Ivatts 2014

Acrylic on 20 x 16 inch canvas block. I haven't quite mastered the photo so the colours are as exact as possible but a bit flatter than the real painting.

Available to own.£150.00 plus p&p



Sirius by Kirsten Ivatts 2014

Sirius by Kirsten Ivatts 2014

Acrylic on 20x16 inch canvas block. This has more purpley indigo tones than have come through on the photo. I will attempt another photo in a different light if the weather improves. This was painted when tuning into Sirius energy.

Available to own.£150.00 plus p&p


Kirsten Ivatts 2014

Art was born with me, we came into this world together, hand in hand. At times we have fallen out, our relationship left tattered and broken, but always we return to our bond that reaches through time and space and is always there in reality.

Sometimes Art springs readily forward, greeting me with an energy unsurpassed! At other times Art hides, making me dig deep into the shadows, to learn something new on my journey from paint to canvas.

Art is my friend, lover, my salvation. Art gifts me with lessons, release and such joy! Art is my personal aspect that I share with you through colour, texture and intention, mixed on the palette of life to create visions that, for the right person, create EVENTS!

Kirsten Ivatts, December 2014



Yulia Pal




The Pink Man (and his Astral Travel Body)

The Pink Man (and his Astral Travel Body)



The Dragon and its kin

The Dragon and its kin



A Flight of an Angel

A Flight of an Angel



Stillness at the Ultra Height


An Electric Violet Whirlpool (for disintegration of negative energy)

An Electric Violet Whirlpool (for disintegration of negative energy)



Yulia Pal 2014

The High Realms of Sanctuary

Hi, I am an energy healer. Thanks to Silvia Hartmann's Sanctuary I learned how to travel into the higher worlds and explore inner realms. The pictures I see internally are far more complex, breathtakingly beautiful and infinitely grand.

Yulia Pal 2014


Maria Barrington



'Playtime' was created early in 2014 shortly after I discovered the pen and ink app. I love this because it was the first app creation. I used my full finger to swirl the colours then the tip of my fingernail to make the outline of the figure. I imagined her as a sylph creating the colourful tapestry of life.



'Can't Catch Me'

'Can't Catch Me'

The 'me' is the artistic desire which seeps through and out into the world despite the many bars seeking to contain the colours and prevent their expression in he world.





This has hidden within it the Reiki symbol for Time and Space.

Looking at this helps me to connect in a healing encounter with others, helping to lift our spirits





 It's contains within it a non-traditional symbol for Peace. I pull this up whenever I feel the chill of anxiety and it comforts and warms me every time




This evolved from a desire to incorporate symbols, specifically healing symbols, into my app creations. This one has the Power and Mental/Emotional traditional Usui Reiki symbols which was the starting point

I intended to use only one symbol, Power, but intuition guided me to also incorporate the mental emotional symbol so their energies combined synergistically to assist us to use our power from a balanced perspective.

After that I just went with the flow and the picture emerged as surprisingly (for me) few colours. I felt compelled to incorporate numbers also, perhaps because there is a belief that beautiful numbers are the secret language of the universe.



Maria Barrington

My passion is working with energy in many forms, whether that is creating synergistic blends of essential oils, using kinesiology, EFT, spirit releasing or Reiki to encourage the free flow of energy through the human biofield.

I am a newcomer to the world of art, having spent most of my life believing I was not creative or artistic and had no eye for colour. Having now released those limiting beliefs I allow my heart to sing while working intuitively with watercolour or acrylics but I feel the discovery of a digital download in 2014 allows me to explore much more freely the interplay of colour and shape and form, and so it is experiments in that medium that I present in this exhibition.

Maria Barrington




Barbara Saph










The Conductor


These are my contribution to the energy art exhibition.
All created this year and the final one is "The Conductor".
These are really my first attempts at creating pieces of art for a almost forever. My history with art and painting is almost non-existent thanks to school art classes.
Always collected the odd few things and only really started experimenting myself when I bought the digital painting program last year.

I work with these little creations simply because it gives me a few minutes where I can be me, where I can play with art and where I don't need to know what it is just is.
It has been interesting selecting the ones to include and to name them as this required interpretation after the act and made me look for and see meanings that I had not been consciously aware of.

Barbara Saph, December 2014



Margarita Foley





Nuhar Abrahams

"Two Hearts"

A set of two. Acrylic/Oil/Mixed Media
My very first creation.




"Magic Molecules"






"Ode To A G"



I was 11 when art stopped playing a role in my education. Growing up during apartheid meant that the schools I went to had very few facilities and art, like music, was one of those "luxuries" not provided at most non-white schools. That, together with the career path chosen for me, meant that I was on the academic path - a scientific, mathematical and logical one. It has served me well but the longing for more art in my life remained within me.

When I was 16, I got the opportunity to go to a Saturday morning art class. I went, full of enthusiasm and excitement. How quickly those feelings left me when I realised that I was no good. My attempt at sculpting a man waiting at a bus stop was, funnily enough when I now think about it, like that of an 11 year old child. I was so embarrassed I never returned, and I never attempted another class again.

Throughout the years that passed I cautiously dabbled a bit with painting and drawing but everything I created was thrown away soon afterwards when I judged them to be not good enough - all the while wishing that my past had been different and that I had actually learnt HOW to DO art.

Then I became an Energist and everything changed. Enter one Silvia Hartmann. Besides all the Energy work I was doing on myself, Silvia's own path, her aspirations and her plans around Art and Energists have played a pivotal role in saving my relationship with art. "Art Solutions" was just the thing I needed to find the courage to take my first step towards art again - I started buying art materials.

The Solstice Exhibition was then the next thing I needed to take the next step to actually creating my first piece. It has been a very short time since I have started, and I have started small, but the artist within me has awakened and is eternally grateful. And now I take my next brave step forward as I share my art with world... without self-judgement.

Nuhar Abrahams, December 2014



Sandra Hillawi







Karen Tinney


'Blue Gold'

Designed for Twitter Art Exhibition 2014, and donated to raise money for charity.




Painted early in the New Year as a request, another version available too, slightly risqué!



'Meditation 1'

After a whole day of meditations.



Touch Drawing (first time)


'Speed of the stream'

Painted December 2014 after meditation



I'm an Artist, Aromatherapist, Energy Worker and Workshop Leader. I have been exploring Art in all its forms since a very young child, and recently made the choice to devote more time to soothing my Soul with Paint. I am best known for my Seascapes, and although they too convey a deep emotional meditative moment, I feel when I really tap the Energy and listen to it, it has to be recorded as Abstract Art.

The Abstract work is free, fun, healing, diagnostic, supportive and full of messages. I feel it is my connection to the unseen, although more and more it is becoming 'seen', the images I record or the story I tell in the Art is a completely natural communication with my Higher Self, it is guidance that is true, when I need advice - I paint!

Karen Tinney, December 2014



Ilka Wandel

"color me up"

Pastel, my first painting in multicolours after a color meditation from Silvia Hartmann. 2014



Acrylic painting, 60x100 cm my first artspell for abundance, 2014




My first oil painting 2014







" Here we are"

Acrylics 20x20 2014, dedicated to all energists, and it was amazing to feel the energy of this entity.





Hi my name is Ilka Wandel and I am an Energist. To express and manifest energies in art and healing became more and more a life style for me. I believe, that any kind of art object made in the right way, is an enormous energy generator and can provide the right energies, to empower, heal or to protect a person. Therefor I call my paints "painted blessings". A "painted blessing" (or artspell) is always very individual and connects with the right person, providing just the energy that is needet. With many care and love, I am happy to créate individual energy generators for any ocation. As well I am offering a collection of already existing " paint blessings". I see it more and more my mission to introduce art that is highly charged with positive energy.
I am painter and writer and offer blessings: In paintings, poetry and stories.
To express positive energies in such a way , is for me to spread Love to this world, which is so much needet.

Ilka Wandel, December 2014





Silvia Hartmann


An End To The Starving Artist


Love Falls Where It Will




City Of Gold



The Other

In distant lands, in future's realms, there live the others, playing through their days.

Reach out, stretch out and tune towards them as they play an other game, where nothing is the same and every moment held in precious hands like perfect jewels, crystals bright and singing, as the light is living, breathing love that slides around them, sweetly now caresses ankles, feet and blesses hands of mercy, hands of power; strong and straight they are, and so beloved ...

And from the bottom of our hearts we wish towards them, wish that we might be as they; and our wishes turn to great white dragons who will carry us the distance near, the distance far and here, we rush and our desires grow; the others know we're coming and they turn around ...

With open arms they greet us, with other smiles they meet us; take us home and dry and we will never say goodbye for all their lands are always here, and they are always near; and as they turn and walk they ways and dance their days and nights we know what we have done, we know we will become the others in due course and never sooner than we're ready to accept that there is only light and there is only life, and only love - this is the only truth and we are young, yet we are learning ...

we are evolving ...

I love lights and colours, movements and energy that rocks the world :-) Making things that delight me is my joy in the hard. And creativity manifest is what makes us human - which is more than we might conceive of still now. Art is precious beyond price and every artist, whether they know it or not, lives and breathes in the service of the Creative Order.

Let there be light ...

Silvia Hartmann, December 2014

Thank you for visiting ...

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