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Art & Magic: CUPCAKES!

Art & Magic: CUPCAKES!

Now when you think of magic and of ritual ... I have created here a true magic ritual to start selling art from this day forth. 23 different little art solutions paintings, each one of which addresses an aspect :-) Each one is for sale at £23, and carries the intention to bring their new owners that which they desire.

They will be the first paintings I will have ever sold, and they are the start on the new level. And I never thought the day would come when I CANNOT WAIT to hand them over and be delighted about the entire transaction, from conception via creation to exchanging them for money and sending them off into the world. Fantastic! :-)

The Love Storm Cupcakes

All cupcakes are four inch square. There are 23 of them and they all cost £23 each.

They were made as real "Art Solutions" paintings but also as energy magic objects or artefacts - charms. Each one is a spell - an Art Spell :-) The Art Spell Energy Art Cupcakes on this page were made between February and April 2014, during the "Love Storm."  

The cupcakes are also designed for breaking the old spell and start to sell art. As I have never sold a painting before, this is going to be my Perfect Provenance!

I love each one and wish each one the very best on their journey!  Silvia, April 2014


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Painting Title Purpose Price Sold


Achieving practical outcomes, achieving goals. £23  SOLD


Catalysing action, making things happen, becoming a catalyst for evolution. £23   SOLD

Easy & Fun!

Don't take it all so seriously - make it EASY, make it FUN!!! £23    SOLD

Blue Sky


Go beyond boring old societal dreams and expectations - the sky is not the limit ... :-) £23   SOLD


Just ... flower ...!!! NOW!!! £23    SOLD

Gold River

The Gold River is everywhere ... and it is beautiful ... £23    SOLD



The heart is real and when it wakes up ... oh my ... :-) £23    SOLD



More, much more, than "networking" with other people. £23    SOLD

Heart Fire!

BE PASSIONATE!!!!!!! £23    SOLD


Of A Child

A heart filled with joy, with hopes and dreams, with celebration. £23    SOLD


Magic rules ... the soul is Das Zauberherz £23    SOLD


Be light and DANCE! £23    SOLD


of Heart

The opposite of a heavy heart ... :-) £23    SOLD




Yes!!! £23    SOLD

To Margreet Vink from the Netherlands


Opportunities are all around us ... now take control! £23


To Barbara Saph from Hampshire UK


Just be playful ... :-) £23   SOLD 


In Love!

I think that one's really really obvious! :-) £23


To Kym Lawn, Australia

Soul Star

You are a STAR!!! £23    SOLD



Time to start going out to find those extra special treasures, keepsakes of the soul. £23    SOLD

True Colours

Time to let your true colours come shining through ... :-) £23    SOLD


Fly free in the sunshine and let the power of energy uplift you. £23    SOLD

Young At Heart!

Be young at heart - a child of the universe :-) £23    SOLD

Happy Star!

A happy soul is a happy star and a happy star is a happy soul :-) £23    SOLD


Cupcakes small abstract paintings on large abstract painting background

The 23 Cupcakes by SFX

 April 3rd, 2014


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