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Art & Inspiration: Inspire Me!

Art & Inspiration: Inspire Me!

Energy art essay by Silvia Hartmann explains about: What is inspiration? | Inspiration EVENT | How do you get inspired? | Artist desperately seeking inspiration | Taking control of artistic inspiration | Find artistic inspiration plus a useful artistic inspiration exercise. 

Art & Inspiration: Inspire Me!

What is inspiration? | Inspiration EVENT | How do you get inspired? | Artist desperately seeking inspiration | Taking control of artistic inspiration | Find artistic inspiration

Inspiration Symbol From For You A Star by Silvia Hartmann

What is inspiration?

It is an event in the energy body, when all of a sudden more energy rushes through and the energy body becomes more energized.

This results in an immediate positive excitement, creates positive emotions, a rush of ideas/information/insights, and an energizing of the physical body at the same time.

When a person gets inspired, they jump up and have to take action, there and then.

Inspiration illustration "Creativity" from For You, A Star by Silvia Hartmann

Inspiration is an energy body EVENT.

Inspiration is an energy body *event.* I have highlighted the word *event* because events are central to energy body evolution. In brief, without an event, we don't fall in love, we don't fall out of love, we don't learn, we don't heal, and we don't evolve.

Old fashioned psychotherapy got stuck and mired in "trauma" events only and failed to recognise the power of other types of events to change lives forever, and in a heart beat.

The inspiration event is a version of those energetic lightning strikes that change our lives - and which we constantly seek, because we need them in order to evolve.

Inspiration illustration "Excitement" from For You, A Star by Silvia Hartmann

How do you get inspired?

You get inspired, i.e. to the point where that lightning strike of inspiration occurs in the energy body, by raising energy to the point that a threshold shift occurs.

With the modern energy paradigm, it is remarkably easy to do.

There are practical techniques, such as Positive EFT and EMO Energy in Motion to bring about an energy body event.

But energy body events can be triggered by all sorts of activities that raise energy to the point where "something has to give" - where the threshold shift occurs, and the inspiration simply has to happen.

We can raise energy by dancing, singing, and most particularly, by focusing on something we already love.

Inspiration illustration "Logic" from For You, A Star by Silvia Hartmann

Artist, desperately seeking inspiration ...

In order to gain control over artistic inspiration, you need to first of all understand the SUE Scale and the Energy Body Chart.

Energy Body Chart SUE Scale from -10 to +10

Learn more about energy body stress, the SUE Scale & Modern Stress Management

In brief, the higher you are on the SUE Scale, the easier it is to make that breakthrough into perfect clarity that denotes the inspiration event.

The lower you are, the more unlikely it becomes to have any kind of positive event as stress builds up and up; until there is a threshold shift of a negative kind, a trauma experience that happens when the energy body gets too stressed.

At -7, there is a last ditch "energy body explosion" - it's an emergency feature to throw every last resource into the battle, like a lamb in the jaws of a wolf would fight for its life right at the end.

Unfortunately, artists over the ages have gone to access these emergency states in desperation, using self mutilation of all kind to create SOMETHING - but this firstly, extremely damaging to the person, physically, mentally and energetically, and secondly, it produces trauma art that will horrify the onlookers as it is a record of the artist's extreme angst at the moment of inspiration.

To gain access to much more profound artistic inspiration that not only heals the artist in question, but uplifts them and evolves them, we need to find inspiration on the positive side of the SUE Scale.

Inspiration illustration "Holy" from For You, A Star by Silvia Hartmann
Taking control of artistic inspiration

Feeling unispired is the first sign that the artist is in energy body stress.

The solution to this is not to enter therapy, or make the stress even worse by entering into a stress loop with oneself, but to RAISE ENERGY - as quickly as possible.

Any person on the negative side of the SUE Scale will produce negative internal self talk which gets consecutively worse, the more stressed the energy body becomes.

Here is an example of one single artist, at different stress levels, and what they might say to themselves or think about themselves and their art.


- 8 = Everything is pointless, meaningless and depressing. I might as well be dead.


- 6 to - 4 = Everything I do is bad (in variations)

- 3 to Zero = I guess what I do is good enough to get away with it ...

+1 to +3 = It's not all that bad ... there's hope for better ... perhaps ...

+4 to +6 = I am a competent artist. I am proud of what I do.

+7 to +10 = I know exactly what I need to do next - and it's so exciting!!!

If you are any kind of artist, you will recognise all these different aspects of yourself, which exist at different energy body stress levels.

Please understand that profound, true artistic inspiration sits at the highest levels on the positive side of the energy chart.

Trying to use the emergency generator to self mutilate yourself into the dangerous -7 territory repeatedly will cause more and more structural damage to your energy system as time goes by. Eventually, the energy body can no longer recover and then we have "clinical depression" - a person who can't raise energy any longer, and can't be raised up by other people's energy either, because their energy body has literally burned out.

Inspiration illustration "Sunshine" from For You, A Star by Silvia Hartmann

Let me find my artistic inspiration ...

When you understand even the most basic things about your energy body, you can literally reverse stress and instead of going down the SUE Scale, you can up instead.

It's not difficult.

You need to focus on something that you LOVE. Something you are strongly attracted to, something that makes you happy.

Let's say you find crystals fascinating.

Take a crystal, put it on the table top before you, and simply look at it. Allow yourself to admire it. Allow yourself to really admire it, and admire it more, and more. With just a little practice, you can really feel the energy inside you beginning to rise up. If you can keep it going, there has to be a threshold shift eventually - it feels like you've just fallen in love with the crystal.

That's structural and can happen with anything at all you give that sort of positive attention to.

The threshold shift is your artistic inspiration. Now, you literally "feel moved" to paint the crystal, or something crystal inspired, or write a song - you have the idea, AND THE ENERGY! to make it happen.

Inspiration is as simple as that.

Find something to love. Love it more. Love it until you get the threshold shift, the inspiration has happend, and there we have it.

It gets better with practice, is as much fun as you can have in this life with your clothes on, and it produces wonderful, profound art that is also INSPIRING to others - it gives them energy, rather than rob them of what little they ever had!

Inspiration illustration "Lightness" from For You, A Star by Silvia Hartmann

So here it is - the age old topic of artistic inspiration from the modern energy perspective.

Modern energy is a true paradigm shift that produces wonderful things - and wonderful experiences for the people who engage in it.

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Article Illustrations taken from "For You, A Star" by Silvia Hartmann


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