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Art Spells November 2014

Art Spells November 2014

Creating magical object which have the power to change the world is the purpose of art. 

Here are the latest Art Spells, codenamed "The Cupcakes" for November 2014.


Art Spells November 2014

* See here for the original "cupcakes" story


Little abstract paintings in many different colours, some with gold and sparkles


Individual Paintings/Art Spells:

Diamond Logic  
Be Colourful!!!  
Blessing Rain  
Colours of Gold  
Dance Your Dreams  
Dawn Rising Dawn Rising  
Dragon Colours  
Fantastic Friends  
Going with the tide - abstract jellyfish being carried towards the light Going With The Tides  
Just Shine!!!  
Life Explosion  
Magic Bottle  
New Beginnings symbol painting on gold, art spell by silvia hartmann New Beginnings  
Rich Blessings  
Soul Flowering  
Stargate: Opportunity  
Summer Harvest  
New Dreams  
Supreme Success  
Tree of Lights  
Pink Angel  
New Kingdoms  
Riches Are Coming  
Soul Colours  
Trust The Flow  
New Roads  
Soul Messages  
Unexpected Surprises  
Wishing Star  
Wonder Dreams  
Soul Friends  
New Morning  


Magic Art Poster - Art Spells by Silvia Hartmann

  • Art Spells were available to purchase at the European Energy Conference, Nov. 1st & 2nd, 2014



Buying original art - new owners at the GoE conference

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