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Blue Trees

Blue Trees

Blue Trees is a very personal, very important piece for me. I had a major mystical experience when painting that and there's a reason it is in the background of many other images during a period between March and May 2014. For example, Cupcakes and the Magic Bottles. 

I know what it is about but I'm not telling. 

Blue Trees Painting, Acrylics on Canvas, 30"x40" - Silvia Hartmann April - May 2014

Blue Trees, Acrylics on Canvas, 30"x40" - Silvia Hartmann March - May 2014


Blue Trees cameo appearances:

Blue trees providing the colours and ambience of the Magic Potion photograph

Blue Trees creating the colours and stage for "Magic Potion" - see full shoot here.


Cupcakes on Blue Trees painting

Blue Trees creating the context & stage for "The Cupcakes


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