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Translucent: Casting The Bones

Translucent: Casting The Bones

Casting The Bones or CTB is a primal magic device to navigate reality. But how do you evolve that?

That was a challenge which caused me to cast many, many bones ...

For background on Casting The Bones, see The Lightning Woman.

OK, so.

As noted, I tried to cast chicken bones and didn't jive with it. I had to make my own bones. 

And bones I made, and bones I cast!

Bones, Pile of Bones, White Bones

That's the first set, made from glow in the dark polymer clay.

I clearly wanted some "light in the bones" but they didn't glow enough for my liking and in ordinary light were way too flat and one dimensional.

So I took a cast of those bones and then cast the next one:

This is a type of resin which is semi-translucent. That seemed to be better ... until I came to cast my time diamonds with a different kind of resin which is much clearer:

That was the kind of thing I seemed to be looking for.

Next set of bones was cast, now they're getting crystal clear:

Crystal Bones Magic

This is based on the "Bone Symbol" from the Lightning Woman; magic bones, if you will.

And those are fun, and would make a neat TGS set which I might still make, but not quite what I was seeking here. So I re-cast the original bones I started out with, yet again:

We are getting there ...

And this was a bit of a breakthrough in the context of casting bones for reality creation:

Crystal Time Bones

These are really *translucent* now and their shadows as important to them, the pools of light inside the shadows, as the bones who "cast" the shadows! My those word games are threatening to get out of hand - LOL ...

Now these are good bones for the casting; but then I played a game in the VIP club and it became "crystal clear" to me that I had to get away from that whole bone thing. There is a meta-pattern suggested in PS 11 called "The Boy & His Sticks" which I've been playing around with for a long time now, and eventually, I decided to cast the bones one more time and this time, they weren't bones any longer - thank God for that!

Time Sticks

Now aren't they lovely? Crystal "sticks" for the 21st Century version of Casting The Bones.

Time sticks. Time sticks to what?

And I don't want to get into this too deeply but after that cast, the following came to me.

Time flexes. Light speed is NOT a constant. Laws of Nature bend more The faster Time flows. Miracles occur.

That reads as follows:


Time flexes.

Light speed is NOT a constant.

Laws of Nature bend more

The faster Time flows.

Miracles occur.


That was fun.

Silvia Hartmann May 28, 2012



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