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Cosmic Energy Art 2017

Cosmic Energy Art 2017

A list of energy art making its way to Wyntercon 2017 ...

Cosmic Energy Art @ Wyntercon 2017

List Cosmic Ammonites | Grand Universal Procession | Cosmic Energy Art | Cosmic Cupcakes | Cosmic Mens

Cosmic Ammonites

The Cosmic Ammonites are "Magic Spirals" - Fibonacci spirals, golden spirals, the spirals found in flower petals, pine cones, galaxies and ... ammonites. They are about being a part of a truly magical universe - and that there is more mystery than we can ever know.

Cosmic Ammonite in Gold & Abalone


Cosmic Magic Ammonite - The Alien Way!


Cosmic Ammonite In Gold


Cosmic Magic Ammonite In Gold & Green


Cosmic Ammonite in 24k Gold


Cosmic Ammonite In Gold & Turquoise


Ammonite Dreams


Magic Ammonite In Pink & Purple



Grand Universal Procession

The Grand Universal Procession is a galaxy seen from the side, like the Milky Way, but it is also a person's timeline, with their events shown as stars.


These are smaller versions of The Grand Universal Procession. 

The five smaller Grand Universal Procession Energy Paintings together, No. 2-6


The Grand Universal Procession 2



 The Grand Universal Procession 3

 The Grand Universal Procession 3


The Grand Universal Procession 4



The Grand Universal Procession 5



The Grand Universal Procession 6

Cosmic Collection Energy Art

The Grand Universal Procession




StarMENS Waiting In The Sky :-)


Cosmic Egg


Story Island




Time Is My Friend


Cosmic Magic Cupcakes

Affordable, touchable, magic energy art-efacts.


Golden Eggs for opportunity, prosperity, success

Magic Wishing Wells - touch the well, make a wish.

Energy Magic Potions

Hearts of Gold - bring more love into your life. 

Cosmic Mens

 The Mens

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