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Diagrams Are Modern Energy Art?

Diagrams Are Modern Energy Art?

This is a curious thought but I like it. Are Diagrams Modern Energy Art?

Here's a diagram I made today. 

 Star Matrix Diagram Step 1

This diagram explains the Star Matrix idea in a nutshell. It is one of a sequence, and sure, it doesn't look like "art" at all. 

It's just a diagram to explain some core concepts "at a glance" to support the words of the article/lecture it belongs to. 

But here's the thing ... 

The exact same processes I employ when I make an abstract painting or a sculpture are at work here, just the same. 

How do you choose the position of the main components? Where do you place them in relation to each other? What colours do you choose?

Either my art isn't art, any of it, or if it is, then this has to be art too. 

And that is interesting from the energy perspective. 

Last week, I conducted an experiment. 

I had participants on a live video study group think of a specific problem, and locate the places where the problem exists in their energy systems. (Seriously, it's the easiest thing in the world! "When you think about this problem, where do you feel it in your body? Show me with your hands." !!!)

Then I showed them some slides related to the topic of Modern Energy Diagrams with some explanations in English. 

I then asked them to re-vist with the original problem location, had it changed? 

And yes, it had. 

This was all about additional information, building bridges (in the neurology, in the energy system), changing/healing/evolving the energy systems of real human beings via a diagram!

If we accept that a diagram is also MEA, then what does that mean for MEA?

Well, it expands. It's no longer all "crazy" as current art is supposed to be. 

(There is an article an aspect wrote earlier entitled, "Just because it's useful doesn't mean it isn't art!")

First of all, when we construct any MEA at all, we are making something that will affect the energy body of the person who is interacting with it; it changes the energy of the space it inhabits (the reaction of cats, for example, to these energy generators/broadcasters is really interesting!), and it evolves the artist in the process of creating the MEA. 

I have personally had some very interesting experiences as people reacted to my MEAs over the years. 

What if we proposed that all MEAs are diagrams, and all diagrams are MEAs?

They are all designed to heal, inspire, evolve, bring love and logic back together as they belong, make the world of human beings a happier place. 

Maps to happiness. 

It's an interesting thought, indeed. 

Now, back to making more MEAs - paintings, drawings, sculptures, magic toys, songs, poems and DIAGRAMS. 


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