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Festival Penis

Festival Penis

A beautifu symbol hybrid celebrating a part of the human anatomy without which none of us would be here! (And that's only the very start of it ...) 

Festival Penis Symbol Hybrid by Silvia Hartmann

Festival Penis Symbol Hybrid by Silvia Hartmann 2012



A 2023 Social Media post:

Now here's a funny story.

I was on Twitter just now and saw a post where someone was asking why ALL women hate men so much.

Here's the thing. Not ALL women hate men. I am a woman and I LOVE men.

I was, am and will always be IN LOVE with my father.

I have been fully IN LOVE with a few good men; I am absolutely IN LOVE with my two gorgeous sons, and I don't want to have to even list the amounts of fabulous experiences and Star Events I've had with men over the last 63 years.

I also know that I am not alone in this; there are other women out there who feel the same, and can see no good coming from bashing men and their so called "toxic masculinity" all the time.
The fact is that HUMAN BEINGS are designed to work together, to bring their special talents to the party, and when we do that, something emerges that is more than the sum of its parts.

Now it true that in history this has not been easy to do, but men and women in their own ways have always tried.

Hatred, disrespect and trying to tear down other people to make yourself better is not the way. Love is way and the only way for things to better for humanity at large.

And to prove that I really do feel that way, and have always felt that way, here's my "Festival Penis" Symbol Hybrid from 2012.


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