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Graffiti - Wonderwall

Graffiti - Wonderwall

I am backdating this to when it was made, December 2016, and creating this entry in May of 2021. I don't know what's up with this painting! 


August 22nd, 2019: I was moving some paintings around and found this one. For some reason, it's not anywhere on my site and it doesn't have a title or date or anything on the back. I have no idea why that fell through the cracks of my quite efficient filing system but the Mens helped at least find a date for it - December 2016. I shall restore it to the timeline now!

Yes, dear aspect, but you didn't! You got as far as assembling some photos and finding the date, thanks to the Mens doing their own version of Graffiti/Wonderwall, but you didn't put it up, and you didn't go and date the picture either! 

First of all, here's the Mens version. Love that :-) 

Mens version of Graffiti/Wonderwall

Mens version of Graffiti/Wonderwall

 I really enjoyed making my Graffiti Wonderwall, had such good fun with it, I didn't want it to end and that's why I made the Mens version afterwards using pretty much the same materials. If I hadn't done that, I would still have no idea when that was made, so ... good job, aspect!

Now, and with the date established, I found it in an old back up system. 

Making the Wonderwall was good fun. A canvas, some black acrylic or gesso, some outlines, a sponge and here's the wall. 

Colouring it in was also really enjoyable!

Well and then you just break out the pens and write on the wall :-) 

You can do that all at once or over time for more of a Zero style cave wall "painting." 



 Graffiti Wonderwall by Silvia Hartmann

Graffiti Wonderwall by Silvia Hartmann December 2016

made a video background for greenscreen from it as well, might use it afresh one day. 

Graffiti Wonderwall Video Background

Graffiti Wonderwall Video Background

I'm going to sign and date it now, take the provenance shot and then we're done!

Graffiti Wonderwall finally signed May 21! 

Graffiti Wonderwall with Silvia Hartmann

Graffiti Wonderwall with Silvia Hartmann

It may be five years old but it's got those things which are very much on my mind right now - particularly that "the OTHERS are coming!" and SOUL MATTERS. Yes, our souls matter; but I also think that we should pay at least as much attention to soul matters as we do to our electricity bills. Don't you think ...?

Graffiti Wonderwall Detail: SOUL MATTERS

Graffiti Wonderwall Detail: SOUL MATTERS


*The idea of the Graffiti Wonderwall is a modern rendition of the CAVE WALL painting, which is now a also an exercise in the Modern Energy Art course. Such a thing is good fun to make and an interesting historical snapshot into whatever was going on at the time, so I do recommend doing this every ten years or so ... 

Perhaps it's time for a new Graffiti Wonderwall ... 

TBC ... :-)

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