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Healing Art 2 - How To Make Works Of Healing Art

Healing Art 2 - How To Make Works Of Healing Art

In this second part of the Healing Art series, Silvia Hartmann discusses how to create works of healing art for others, and how to use the healing power of art for the benefit of the healing artist.

* Healing Art Part 1

Healing Art Part 2

Creating Healing Works Of  Art

by Silvia Hartmann

The Healing Intention In Energy Art - The Healing Artist - A Vision Of Healing - Happiness & Healing Art - The Healing Power Of Healing Visions - You Can't Paint The Sky - Create YOUR OWN Works Of Healing Art


The Healing Intention In Energy Art

Let's start with some basic definitions.

Healing with art in the context of energy art means that there should be a healing intention involved.

You might think that's blatantly obvious, but in mechanical medicine the intention is often as much to fight, overcome, destroy or eradicate, (the cancer, the sickness, the malfunction) as it is to "heal" anything.

With energy transmissions and emissions in healing art, the actual HEALING INTENTION is of the essence.

Healing art is not a "war on sickness" but a movement towards health, towards the Even Flow, which is the best health possible for any given system, or person, under the circumstances.

In the hard, if we have a rock and we don't want it there, we can move it or smash it up.

In the energy dimensions, we make it flow away because it is ONLY an energy form, and needs to find its rightful place in time and space so that instead of a problem, this energy form in its rightful place might even be a good thing, and have a use somewhere and/or for someone.

Each natural system, and that includes physical systems of human beings, as well as their energy based systems, has a drive towards Even Flow and tries to restore itself towards its optimal functioning state.

This drive is enormously powerful and it never stops as long as the person is alive; it is a hugely powerful "fight for restoration" that literally resides in every cell, every organ, every energy system and in every structure of our very beings.

In healing art, we want to help that natural order of things, give it food that cannot be eaten through the physical mouth, give it strength, and positive, beneficial energy forms that all have that same profound intention towards the Even Flow that exists inside all natural systems to create a healing resonance or a healing field, if you will.

This is of course diametrically opposed to the old ideas of "art therapy" whereby a person repeats the old, or describes the symptoms and the pain through the work of art in the hope that an evolution will come about.

The challenge to the artist who creates healing art is to hold that intention of healing in the creation of the work of healing art; and this is of course much easier if you make something for someone else, than it is to make something for yourself.


The Healing Artist

I would make the comment at this time that you become a healing artist the moment you create your first work of healing art.

There is no study required; no second opinion from a critic or a teacher who gives you a badge "There you are, now you are an artist."

  • He or she who makes a work of art, is an artist. Full stop.

So if you don't consider yourself an artist yet, know that once you've made your first work of art, you will have become one.

You do not have to wait to acquire new or more skills, machines, pencils, video recorders or whatever you think you need to be an artist and produce works of healing art, works of art that have POWER and ENERGY and actually really influence the reality, change the world.

Anyone can do this now - it really is as simple as to enter into the process of making a work of art WHILST HOLDING A HEALING INTENTION.


A Vision Of Healing

My definition of energy art is that it should be derived from a vision, and honestly made.

It sounds terribly complicated, but it really is as simple as to consider, think about, contemplate a direct set up question (see Art Solutions and Symbol Paintings) and "see what you get".

I've put "see" in inverted commas because visions, even though they are called "visions" are full body experiences where you can see and hear, feel, taste, smell and touch all at the same time.

Let me give you an example.

Let's say you want to make a work of healing art for Aunty Betty.

Now you know Aunty Betty, and you know all her troubles and problems, misery and all of that, and you could ask yourself the question, "What would be healing for Auntie Betty?"

And a memory (vision!) comes to you of Aunty Betty a long time ago, a lively young woman at a birthday party, and she's saying how much she loves the seaside, walking barefoot on the soft sandy beach, so carefree, listening to the sounds of the waves, blue skies, and the birds flying high ...

If you have any sense of energy, then you can tell that this is a powerful experience, and that it has HUGE healing qualities WAY beyond the physical for Auntie Betty.

Now you may set to work and make the piece of healing art based on that vision.

And it can be as simple as an energy totem, a little blue bowl with sand and a few sea shells you take to her and put it on her bedside table "to remind her of good times on holiday at the seaside".

It can be a sculpture of a bird you make whilst you hold the vision in your mind to give you a guideline on what shape and existence that bird should be to be a match of that "seaside moment vibration".

It can be a song you write, on the guitar, on the piano, on the computer, that describes the memory, encapsulates those energy forms.

It can a picture you paint - realistic with waves and birds, just the way you saw it in the vision, and the woman walking on the beach. It can be abstract, putting in just the colours and shapes that have that energy inside themselves.

You could make an item of clothing, a flower arrangement, a dance, a poem, a patchwork quilt - just as long as the original healing vision has guided your hands and your choices, what you will make is going to be a work of healing art that you can take to Auntie Betty and know it will be a most wonderful contribution, indeed.

If you are new to healing art, it might be a good idea to make a few pieces for OTHER PEOPLE FIRST, just so you begin to really understand the process of getting a vision and then using that to make something hard, whatever it may be, that is completely appropriate and powerful for that person.

Start with one person you know and have a strong healing intention towards, and you can choose ANY person - dead or alive, someone you know, or an artist you admire, a film star, any person at all.

I advise this because once you know how it works, it becomes much easier to create works of healing art for yourself.


Happiness & Healing Art

With all illness, it is natural for people to get stuck in the illness and not be able to look beyond it - that's the old art therapy "stuck in the problem and paint the problem over and over again" phenomenon.

Although of course we can ask for visions, "Give me something that would make Auntie Betty well ..." and that will provide us with something useful and powerful, it is actually far more healing on many levels to ask, "Give me something that would make Auntie Betty HAPPY."

Healing and energy healing in particular is simply not just about physical survival or the cessation of physical discomfort.

Further, especially in sickness, people have the tendency to think that FIRST they have to get well, and THEN (anything else is going to happen AFTER that).

But what if you will never get "well"?

What if there is no "after"?

When we ask the question of "what would make her happy" we transcend illness and instead of getting stuck there, MOVE FORWARD AND BEYOND ILLNESS.

This is something mechanical medicine cannot do for a person, this is not within its realm or brief; and that's not a tragedy or a failure of mechanical medicine, it's just a fact of life!

Things that make a person happy, that take them beyond illness or out of illness and that field of illness even for a moment, are precious beyond price.

When a person is happy, their energy system but also their physical body is a totally different *place* to when a person is unhappy.

Any moment of happiness, whichever way that would be defined for any individual person, is like a vitamin shot into the metaphorical arm of the energy system.

It has all sorts of beneficial effects; but most of all, by thinking in terms of healing art BEYOND ILLNESS and stretching forward to make something that could make a person happy, the artist themselves enters into a different realm when they are working on the piece of art.

  • This is a lighter realm, a higher vibration, a more powerfully motivating and more powerfully energizing movement that flows through the artist as they are producing a work of art with that intention of healing towards happiness - and a tremendously healing experience as a direct result FOR THE ARTIST themselves.


The Healing Power Of Healing Visions

Do you remember the brief glimpse of a vision of young Betty walking by the seaside in her bare feet at the edge of the water on that blue and golden summer's day?

As you watch her go, feel her happiness and contemplate that vision, how does that make YOU feel?

Does it calm you, do you think it's beautiful?

Does it remind you of times where you were like Betty was that day, in the moment and just happy somewhere, alive and well, and all things were not just right, but actually magical and wonderful?

If you can get a sense of that, and do remember, we're talking about a third hand vision here as I'm describing it so briefly in a few words, then you can get a sense of the powerfully energizing effects of working with visions as an artist.

It is *healing in and of itself* to just contact the healing visions - your own, and those you touch on behalf of other people.

There is of course the note that the people you want to have healing visions for are not random, and that they match your resonance in some way (see Soul Pilots) and that's why you are drawn to make works of healing art for them in the first place!

No matter how wonderful the work of art is that you have made as a result of touching the vision, it is the vision itself that is the healing for YOU.

Fantastic energies are in these visions and they stream into the artist just as the information and data streams in and we become consciously aware of what we've seen/heard/felt etc.

So as an artist who creates works of healing art, you are the most blessed one in every way.

There is nothing we can ever make, no matter if we happen to be Leonardo DaVinci, Einstein, Mozart, Beethoven and Turner all rolled into one, that could ever rival a vision or even begin to do it full justice.

And that's the last important thing you need to know about making works of healing art.


You Can't Paint The Sky ...

A vision is so extraordinary, so intense and so information rich on so many different levels that there is NO WAY that all of that could be completely represented in any art form, any modality.

Even if you try and make a movie, or a 3D movie with surround sound and squirt aromatherapy oils at the audience, the vision is always superior, and cannot be exactly replicated.

This simple fact of life, law of nature, if you will, has driven artists to distraction across the ages; but we can just accept that it is so and rejoice in it on a level even.

The work of art just has to be a portal TO the original vision; it does not try and have to BE the original vision.

This being so (and always remember, that's a LAW OF NATURE!) it doesn't matter if you are a great craftsman with amazing skills or "just a person doing their best" - neither of you can paint the sky, and both of you can always and only give your interpretation of the vision to the best of your ability.

Likewise, you as a person, and regardless of whether you have "learned skills" or not, have the same right as any other person, poor or rich, anywhere in time, sick or healthy, stupid or clever, from anywhere in the world, to DO YOUR BEST TO REPRESENT YOUR VISIONS in ANY modality of your choice.

It's a human birth right to be able to do that, and also then if you will, a law of nature, which I use interchangeably with "the will of God".

Remember that you can't paint "the sky".

And you don't have to even try. A reminder of the sky that day is all that is required of you, and that is ALL anyone can do.


Create YOUR OWN Works Of Healing Art!

So there is nothing now to stop YOU from creating works of healing art for yourself or others, if you feel that's something you would like to do.

With more people EVEN TRYING to bring about more healing, bring about a movement TOWARDS HAPPINESS into the world, the world is going to be much better place for everyone.

And for the healing artist themselves, art becomes a truly joyful experience and expression of their humanity, when all is said and done.

Silvia Hartmann

March 2010

***** If you are new to the concepts of energy art, healing art and art solutions, try making a simple Symbol Painting.

The Healing Intention In Energy Art - The Healing Artist - A Vision Of Healing - Happiness & Healing Art - The Healing Power Of Healing Visions - You Can't Paint The Sky - Create YOUR OWN Works Of Healing Art

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