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Make Love Your Goal Painting

Make Love Your Goal Painting

It all started with the book cover design for the 2015 Edition of "Love EFT" (an excellent book, btw, I highly recommend it!). Set for release on Valentine's Day 2015, this is what it turned out to be:


Book cover design for Love EFT 2015 by Silvia Hartmann. All rights reserved.

Book cover design image for "Love EFT" by Silvia Hartmann, February 2015

Love EFT Book

Completed Book Cover of "Love EFT"

May I say just how inordinately joyful I am to be able to write the book and put it in a cover that matches it?

You have to own a publishing company for that to be happening, of course, but it was well worth it to start one, just for that.

 But aside from that ...

I kept looking at the image, and unusually, decided to make a symbol hybrid of the red and gold hearts design.

Normally, it's the other way around - the painting comes first and then something like a book cover will be based on it.

So I set to work and here is the resulting painting - Make Love Your Goal (which is the theme and also the final words from the book).

"Make Love Your Goal" Symbol Hybrid Painting by Silvia Hartmann

Make Love Your Goal - Silvia Hartmann, February 2014

What happened next was rather interesting.

I don't sell the full size original paintings, simply because at this time, I won't get decent money for them (yet). I sell cupcakes and prints of the vector versions at live events, and that's fine for now.

This painting, it wanted to be "out there."

So it was decided to put it up for public auction on ebay and let it find a new owner.

Silvia Hartmann with "Make Love Your Goal" painting


Painting & Book

The painting came with a signed 1st Edition copy of "Love EFT."

Screenshot from an interview, with Make Love Your Goal still at home in the background.

And it sold for £263 to a gentleman from the UK.

On the same day the auction ended, it was delivered by courier in a 350 mile round trip to its new home.


And here it is at home with its new owner.

Make Love Your Goal Certificate of Authenticity


Make Love Your Goal Vector Print

Make Love Your Goal Vector Print Version

To get over that, I made the vector version so there can be prints.

So there we have it.

I sold a painting on ebay. I made a Certificate of Authenticity for it, and that's the story behind "Make Love Your Goal."

Fascinating, really ...

Silvia Hartmann,

April 2015

Buy the book "Love EFT" here.

And ...

Make Love Your Goal.



 At the 2015 Energy Conference, there were MLYG mugs :-)

Make Love Your Goal Mug

Make Love Your Goal was featured as the title image for June's newsletter, June 2015.

Art & Artists Positive Art News June 2015 cover featuring Make Love Your Goal by Silvia Hartmann

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