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MirrorMan Evolution

MirrorMan Evolution

The Mirrorman is one of my favourite things of all time. It is a small sculpture, the size of a teddy bear, and really quite wonderful in every way.

Based on a good honest sension and executed to the best of my practical abilities with 3D miniature mirror mosaics, the Mirrorman has been to many places and brought light to them all in a most delightful way.

 The Sension (previously known as "vision"): The soul is made up of the experiences of many lifetimes. Each mirror is a life. Together, they create THE MIRRORMAN. This came about as the result of writing the "Many Lives In The Multiverse" hypnodream).


The Mirrorman

Silvia Hartmann September 2007


The Mirrorman sculpture by starfields

 The MirrorMan, sculpture by Silvia Hartmann, 2007


The MirrorMan Diary

It is end of August 2022, and I just completed the Project SuperStar project from Star Matrix. 

In 2019, the MirrorMan became the official logo and mascot for Star Matrix, following a huge connection Star Event of the "OMG that's a self concept made of high positive Star Events!" when the sun struck the sculpture one morning. 

But long long before that, all my aspects were absolutely fascinated with the MirrorMan. 

The original sension was profound, and it really was, but there was so much more to it. The making of the original MirrorMan was unlike any other type of prolonged mystical art meditation and it went on for a long time; there were so many flashes of all manner of things, it was a case of, "I haven't even unlocked 5% of the information that is being presented to me here."

MirrorMan Giftbox

MirrorMan Tshirt


The aspects back in 2007 also were super excited and in love with the MirrorMan. They made boxes with the MM logo, pendants and also designed a Tshirt print, a cut out vector version that could be translated into not just paint for the Tshirt, but holographic foil as well. Amusingly, when I went to collect my Tshirts, I saw a bunch of small ones hanging up, printed on pinks, neon greens and purples. The owner had printed them for sale at a music festival! It amuses me to this day that there are some people out there who have one of those and have literally no idea what it means or where it came from :-) (And no, I didn't make a fuss or demand royalties. The people had been very helpful and I took my amusement as my reward.)


Charlie, Silvia & MirrorMan 2013, Dallas, Texas

Sporting an original MirrorMan Tshirt, Dallas, Texas 2013

Mirrorman Tshirt on Silvia 2013


The MirrorMan itself travelled to many conferences and trainings, a wonderful energy object. On one occasion, a participant had panic attacks being far from home and I lend them the MirrorMan for the night. No panic attacks, and amazing dreams were had :-)

I have always felt that the MirrorMan is a "message from my soul," albeit one I couldn't unlock in consciousness. Over the years that passed, it was always present somewhere and somehow, in exhibitions, on social media posts, and of course, carefully placed in my own home environment. 

MirrorMan Studio Reflection


MirrorMan on the Altar

 MirrorMan on the home altar 2007

Cats love the MirrorMan

Cats LOVE the MirrorMan!

MirrorMan 2 with Little Fox, Marlow 2007

MirrorMan 2 with Little Fox, Marlow 2007 in the shade
Moved the MirrorMan so it wouldn't be comfortable to lie next to it.
Cat still snuggled up!


MirrorMan says Money doesn't change you people do!

MirrorMan says Money doesn't change your life, people do!


MirrorMan Environment 2009


He's always there ...

Whatever else is going on, the MirrorMan is always there! :-)


This set was the 1st prize in a Genius Symbols (now Energy Symbols) promotion in 2008.

MirrorMan at the Genius Symbol Happy Memories Demo 2010
MirrorMan at the Genius Symbol Happy Memories Demo 2010


Afterlife by Silvia Hartmann Special Report MirrorMan Cover

 January 2018 and the aspect chose the MirrorMan as the cover image for a special report on The Afterlife.



Aura image artist and art

Artist & Art - Silvia on the left, MirrorMan on the right, photographed with Biofield Imagining camera.

Then came November of 2019, and the intense desire to start with Project 11. This was, for the first time in human history, to get a group of people together who would consciously access and compare the Star Memories of their lives (instead of their traumas!!!!!!) in order to find out what would happen if we did. It was called Project 11 as a reference to the +10 state on the Modern Energy Chart - turn it up to 11!

Yes, and there was the day when I walked into my office, saw the MirrorMan sparkling at me, and all of a sudden, I understood what this was - the MirrorMan represents a structure, a matrix, a STAR MATRIX - the self concept made not of trauma and confusion, but ONLY of the +10 experiences of our lives. Wow!

This is the moment when Project 11 became Star Matrix, and the MirrorMan the official mascot for Star Matrix.

Star Matrix The eBook Cover featuring Silvia Hartmann & The MirrorMan (twice!)

Star Matrix The eBook Cover featuring Silvia Hartmann & The MirrorMan (twice!)


The Original MirrorMan Charm  For the Star Matrix Masters videos & all things Star Matrix since.

The Original MirrorMan Charm

For the Star Matrix Masters videos & all things Star Matrix since.


MirrorMan Light Beam Moment

A magical moment when the sun struck the MirrorMan right in the heart. x


 MirrorMan Round with Stars

MirrorMan Round with Stars



Many MirrorMen

The StarMatrix Forever forum banner 2020 - 2022

As I write this, now September 2022, I am well aware that we're not finished with this.

Just last night, I made an image of the Star Matrix safety net, a recent discovery of what happens when you do Star Matrix for a while. It prevents trauma flashbacks and instead, catapults you up on the Modern Energy Chart! Without having to do anything yourself - now that is useful.

Star Matrix Safety Net Square

Is the Star Matrix our soul, unfolding, completing one Star Event at a time?

Who is to say? It's a thing of beauty, and for me, unbreakably tied into the original MirrorMan experience.

There are many more layers of amazement to be unlocked; more Miracle Expansions to be had.

I like the idea that the MirrorMan is a portrait of my soul.

September 1st, 2022

Silvia Hartmann & Star Matrix MirrorMan


The Book, The Book of Stars & The Tiny Book

There is an original symbol hybrid called The Book, which got a 2022 version, Silvia's Book of Stars. I wanted to make one featuring our StarMan/MirrorMan.

Mirrorman Book of Stars PNG

Mirrorman Book of Stars


Shortly after this, I had a wonderful (and very powerful!) sension of giving out free tiny books at a comic convention.

Here is an artist's impression:

Tiny Book

I think people would pick one up and take it home :-)


Sport the Mirrorman!

On The Energy Show, the MirrorMan has my back! :-)


Mirrorman video backdrop

MirrorMan video backdrop - you never know when you'll need one of those :-)

MirrorMan on GoE blue with stars

GoE MirrorMan for a Star Matrix Presentation


Mirrorman 555

 The MirrorMan made it onto TikTok and on this day, I got up at 5:55am, checked on the vids and found that the MirrorMan had had 555 views. 

It amused me and I took a screen shot. Free spirit, change, choice, evolution sounds about good to me right now. 


October 2022: I decided to make a quiet Energy Symbol set. My dear Energy Mind INSISTED I should put tiny MirrorMen on the backs, which dedicates this Energy Symbol set to Star Matrix. 


MirrorMen Energy Symbol Set

Lots of tiny MirrorMen!

First sunrise for the new Star Matrix Energy Symbol Set with Silvia Hartmann

First Sunrise for the new StarMatrix Energy Symbol Set!

MirrorMan MSAP Star Poster 2023

MirrorMan MSAP Star Poster October 2023 


TBC :-)




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