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Precious Beyond Price

Precious Beyond Price

In 2014, I created an art solutions painting called "The End of The Starving Artist." Two years later, and having enjoyed the energy of that abstract energy art painting in my office every day, tremendously, it was time for an evolution. What next, we wondered? And a phrase from the freshly written artists resume became the answer for the new set up, the "title" - "For me, art was essential for survival, precious beyond price, deeply personal and more beloved than I have words to express."

Precious Beyond Price Under Development - Painting in stages

Precious Beyond Price as it developed, November 2016


I brought the brand new "Precious Beyond Prize" to the EMO Masterclass as it has such ... direct energy movements in it, shall we say. If you stand in front of it, it's a veritable whirlpool.

Painting at the EMO Masterclass, Energy Conference 2016

I asked for a volunteer, someone who really wasn't interested in art at all. A lady who had been arms folded and grimacing when I brought out the painting immediately volunteered.

In the spur of the moment, it occurred to me to say to her that the painting wasn't finished, and that she had two invisible but energetically quite real paint brushes in both hands. I asked her to complete it.

Much to my surprise, she went into it with focus and concentration, tracing the movements that are clearly visible on the canvas, and then went full on "abstract artist" with her two brushes in a whirl.

She started to laugh and thanked me as she had just realised that there was "so much joy in art" or words to that effect.

I smiled and thanked her. Didn't think much of it, but the next day the lady sought me out to tell me that this had been a major experience for her and felt like a real turning point.

I made the comment that although it's nice to "heal" people of their traumas so they can go back to work being a productive secretary yet again, I like art because it has the power to save your soul.

Not many human doings have such, or even THIS power?

It's true that I believe art is soul saving. In the literal sense of the word. That's why I think it is so important, and that's why I've been doing it (and encouraging others to be doing it!) all my life.

Art, true art, reaches the places a trophy on the mantelpiece, a certificate on the wall, a huge amount of money in your bank or even a hundred thousand people cheering your name simply can not.

It's wonderfully mysterious in nature :-)

Looking forward to converting many, many more people to "the joy of modern energy art" ...


Energy Art Abstract Painting Precious Beyond Price by Silvia Hartmann

Precious Beyond Price, Mixed Media on canvas, 30"x40" Silvia Hartmann 2016

"Precious Beyond Price" November 2016, the direct descendant of "The End of The Starving Artist."


The title was the set up, and it came from my artists resume which has the line in it,


"For me, art was essential for survival, precious beyond price, deeply personal and more beloved than I have words to express."

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