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In preparation for "Magic Carpet," I wanted to test some reds one night ...

Testing Reds

Testing Reds one night in preparation for the "Magic Carpet" painting, I thought the whole thing looked groovy and posted this picture to social media.

When it came to clearing the test pieces away, I decided I didn't want to and to have some fun that night instead.

I found an old canvas destined for the trash and made myself a little collage.

Red collage before resin

All the pieces are recycled and it was nice to simply play for a while.

And here it is, the resined Red.

Red with Silvia Hartmann

 Red with Silvia Hartmann


Without Red, there could be no Magic Carpet :-)

Red and carpet


June 2024: I was chatting about a client who was triggered by the colour pink, and someone mentioned they had problems with the colour red. 

This reminded me of a poem an aspect wrote in 2003 which was called The Colour Red. 

I searched for it and eventually found it an archive, and I am adding it here. 

Without this poem, there would have been no red test, and no Magic Carpet!

All the colours are innocent energy and if we can love them all the same, I feel we are ... just in a better relationship with the Oceans of Energy. 

I'll pass the mike to my aspect from 2003. 

The Colour Red

It came to my attention that
I'd lost the colour red
I don't know when that happened,
I might have been in bed
or walking on a highway,
in a forest or a town
but anyway, now there's no red
just blue and green and brown.

Of course there is a lot of black
and here you will agree
that is a handy colour
'cause its all of them for me.
I simply put on clothes of black
and go about my day
and all the colours stream to me
without me in the way.

But when you're doing magic
or you try and make song
when you're calling elementals,
without red its simply wrong.
There isn't any colour
to replace it in the sky
and not in Earth or Heaven,
nor anywhere you fly.

I think when I was little
I had a little coat
which was bright red and made me look
like Riding Hood I'm told.
My dad he drove
a shiny red convertible and I
I used to sit and watch the many
red tiled roofs fly by.

And then there was I now recall
about ten years ago
a dress made from crushed velvet
in the deepest blood red glow
I wore it to a party and
I know that it is right
I was never more alive
and beautiful that night.

And all who saw me saw that too
and they would smile at me,
well I say all, that isn't true ,
there was a one you see.
The one whose heart I sought to win,
the only one for me
but he just shrugged and shook his head,
he wanted to be free.

The next day I remember
I gave that dress to a good friend
and somehow since that evening
my party nights did end.
It's been ten years now, give and take
and I'm still wearing black
and I don't know what happened
but now I want my colours back.

I want my royal purples
and greens of finest hues,
my opal whites and sunrise golds
and all the radiant blues;
bright lemon yellows singing spring,
and orange summer scent
my abalone oceans and
the skies which never end.

But most of all I want my reds,
my sunset and my fire
my blood, my heart, my love, my life,
my passion, my desire
my laughing voice, my dancing feet,
my flying hair, my song
my sunrise strength and all my spark,
I've waited far to long.

I spread my arms out wide and call
my long lost reds to me
and rose red silks and opal pinks
are finally set free
they flow to me and they embrace me,
wings of perfect light
and when they turn to blood red wine
it makes the time come right.

I drink their blessings through my skin
and through my heart and soul
and give my deepest gratitude
that they have made me whole.
Ten years of mourning is too long
so heed what I would say:
Don't ever let, no matter what,
your colours slip away.

They're yours by rights so claim them back
and let them in your heart
if you can't handle blood red wine
then pastels are a start.
No matter where, no matter what,
each colour is a light
and they will come and help you through
the the deepest, darkest night.

They have the oceans and the clouds,
the forests and the sea,
the thundering waves and clearest lakes
inside them don't you see -
they bring to you
the soft brown earth
and all the skies above
the world, the stars, creation -
and all of it is **love**

© SFX 03

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