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Stargate Symbols TGS

Stargate Symbols TGS

Original Entry September 2010: After spending the summer watching StarGate SG1 (all ten seasons) StarGate Atlantis (five seasons) and Stargate Universe (1 1/2 seasons) it just had to be done - a The Energy Symbols Stargate painting ... :-)

Update June 2017: Made a printable Vector version of the StarGate!

This is potentially also a symbol game board. Usually in The Energy Symbols game boards, the 23 symbols are blank so the symbol stones can be placed upon them.

Here, the 23 symbols are placed around the StarGate and could conceivably form "StarGate addresses" to different realms and habitats. The 7 chevrons on this stargate are placed at the moment to show the Classic Game - that's the first destination, of course.

Step through and enjoy!


Stargate symbols The Genius symbols image/picture/painting

Stargate Genius Symbols Painting Game Board by Silvia Hartmann, 2010

Acrylics/Mixed Media on Art Board


Vector version of the original Energy Symbols Stargate Painting


In June of 2017, it occured to me to make a printable vector version of the StarGate. It might become a centrefold for The Energist with a game or two.

Just to prove this is a vector drawing, here's the inside of it:

Vector drawing lines of the vector stargate

And here's the Stargate for Facebook and such.

StarGate vector on a space background

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