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The God Phone

The God Phone

Andy Warhol used to own a golden telephone which was said to be able to contact God. I made a God Phone of my very own by accident ... or was it ..?

The God Phone by Silvia Hartmann

The God Phone, Silvia Hartmann 2017

10cm h, 6cm w, 1cm d approx. Magic Resin mix and spirals


I was enjoying making various sparkling objects from Magic Resin Mixes, very alchemical, and one of those I kept on my work desk because I enjoyed it, and to remind me to stay magical at work.

It came to pass that on one occasion, my hand picked it up without me having told it to do that, and held it to my ear, exactly as you would with a phone.

I got a phone call from another dimension!

That was very cool.

Since then, I've used the God Phone from my end to talk to SuperMind friends, the powers that be, and all sorts of other entities.

An excellent magical "tool" and a great MEA artefact.

I keep saying this ...

Every magical household should have one ...


God called me on the phone today and it said ...

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