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Silvia's Magic Toys

Silvia's Magic Toys

As I was creating the paintings, I was also creating magic objects - magical tools for magical purposes. It was the exact same process which created both the paintings and the artefacts, and I made the comment on the energy art group that if I was exhibiting, I would exhibit both the paintings and the artefacts as they belong together.

Silvia's Magic Toys


As far as I am concerned, art and magic are one and the same. Artless magic is heartless magic, and art without the sparkle of magic isn't art. Put art and magic back together, and you get what I call energy art.

Energy art creates energetic entities, EREAS, and sometimes, it creates artefacts. These are magical objects with a magical purpose, to make a change in the fabric of time and space.

I was considering an exhibition of my latest (of 2017) energy art paintings, a series that comes in under the title of "The Grand Universal Procession." It's a grand title but it is about that forward movement of all things as the universe expands and the galaxies, stars and planets hurtle through space to an unknown future. We have this in the structure of our own beings, our own starry timeline of events and experiences, so that's what the "Grand Universal Procession" is all about.

As I was creating the paintings, I was also creating magic objects - magical tools for magical purposes. It was the exact same process which created both the paintings and the artefacts, and I made the comment on the energy art group that if I was exhibiting, I would exhibit both the paintings and the artefacts as they belong together.

This got me to thinking about the magical toys I've been making all this time. It also got me thinking about how on the minus side of the energy chart, there lives "work" and "tools." On the positive side, we have "play" and "toys."

And I realised that all these years, decades, I tried to break down the barrier between work and play, only to find there is no barrier. When you're high, everything is play. And tools become toys.

So in this context, here is a small sample of "Silvia's Magic Toys."

Enjoy, and be inspired to make your own magic toys - and to PLAY.

Silvia Hartmann

May 2017


Ancient Guardian Magic Toy

An Ancient Guardian - this is an energy magic soul protection artefact.

More details about the Ancient Guardians can be found here.

This was the first of the magical toys to be placed on the table for this photoshoot.


Ancient Guardian with Mens

At this point, The Mens invaded the party. Well, they are attracted to strong positive energy ...

And as the project was entitled, "Silvia's Magic Toys" they certainly have their place.

I also recognised that they are helpful to give scale to the artefacts, so I welcomed The Mens.

More about The Mens here.

Little Guardians silver

These are not mens, but small portable/wearable Ancient Guardians. These are cast in silver an a little smaller than mens, and their backs are flat and they can't stand up.


Bowl of blessings and a mens

Here we have "The Bowl Of Blessings." It contains energy positives and miniature paintings on the other side.

This is a personalised energy magic toy to get inspiration and raise energy as and when required.

More about the Bowl of Blessings here.


Wish Stones

Something lovely, simple but primal and powerful. The Wish Stones.

These are portals to "the powers that be" and held to the heart (of energy) to empower you.

They're also great energy generators for Home Harmony.


Angel Antenna

Our next magical toy is an Angel Antenna.

You can think of it as a 3D symbol painting that attracts helpful beings.

Super Home Harmony energy device, made from aluminium which is a great metal in energy magic.


Daily Diamonds Sculpture

A homage to the Daily Diamonds - simply a bright, refreshing energy generator for the home.

From the same series as


Energy Symbols Shimmer

This is the most recent Energy Symbols set, featuring my abalone-energy material and 24k gold symbols protected in a special resin.

I have a great many different Energy Symbol sets as I keep making new ones for new times, all the time. I love that.


old energy symbol set

One of the oldest energy symbol sets, made from foam board with Art Solutions symbols on the other side.


mini symbol travel set

I made this tiny Energy Symbol set as a travel set to go in my handbag after pieces from a previous one became lost.

The mens came and claimed it to be theirs. Oh well ...



An old magic toy from a long time ago - a silver dragoncoin. I had two and gave one away so this is the only one from that time.

The DragonRising symbol is major magic round here ...


Assorted Charms

A small assortment/sample of magic pendants. From left to right - Ice Charm (to keep a very cool head in hot situations);

FreeFlow Charm (creativity); the original silver DragonRising pendant (only one in the world);

and a Hexenspiegel (defence against the dark arts :-)

I have a few more ... :-)


Wishing Well precursor

This is a portable night pool for meditating on night things. A precursor of the wearable Wishing Well (currently under construction).


Magic bracelets

Magic bracelets. A silver bracelet with a cracked ruby and a matching ruby ring. Strength, protection and focus. Like putting on armour before going into battle.

The dichroic bracelet is a great thing to wear instead of a wrist watch. You look at it and remember the magic, as many times a day as you need it. That really helped a past aspect back in the day.


2 energy symbols bracelets with a Mens standing between them

Two protective energy symbols bracelets. And a SuperMens :-)


Funerary cat sculpture

This is a small "funerary cat" - I made this in black and stars after a much loved family cat died.


Sparkling Magic Box with Energy Symbols

Energy Symbols Magic Box


Magic wands

Three magic wands made at the same time as the "Great Universal Procession" paintings and from the same materials.

The shafts are actually made from the very paint brushes that created the paintings.


Random Tentacle No. 5 ca 1997 by Silvia Hartmann

This magic toy is a personal favourite of mine. Entitled, "Random Tentacle No. 5" it is a fun energy generator witch always puts a smile on my face.

Serious art people don't get this one. Could be a f*ckerfilter ...

The story of the Random Tentacle serious series here :-)


JuJu party people

These are little JuJus - these particular ones are The Party People. There are many variations on the theme.

All my loved ones have JuJus hanging from the mirrors in their cars :-)


Crystal bones

Crystal Bones - these are from a set of magical toys for "casting the bones" aka "casting a spell" in the old fashioned, primal magic way.

Mini bones

These "mini bones" glow in the dark, are nearly indestructible (so they may be cast with maximum force!) and highly portable.

I have these casting sets in many different materials, shapes and sizes.

Tip: Cast your money spell using pennies as the bones. Or sovereigns, if you have them.


Primal Animals

These are "primal animals" - a part of the Primal Art journey.

These are the originals; casts were made and resin versions created so that the mens could have some pets.



World Sphere

This magical toy is my "Magic World Sphere." I use it instead of a crystal ball when I want world changing or global insights; and as a portal for world changing spells.

The two mens posing with it are very special, too. They are made with glass from the windows of an Irish pub, which absorbed merry making for 250 years.

All mens are lucky but these are extra special luck charms - the luck of the Irish! :-)


Witch Bottle

This is a Magic Bottle - for receiving special messages, those wonderful "message in a bottle" type messages floating in the Universal Oceans ... :-)


Play Scarf

This is a silk scarf with an Energy Symbol sphere printed on it.

I have quite an array of Energy Symbol game boards, and a canvas version of this one which served as the original.

This one folds up really small and can go places with me :-)


Magic Circle board

This is The Magic Circle game board. A 1001 uses for the modern energy magician. Every home should have one.


City of gold

This magical toy with (very, very heavy!) building bricks in brass is an example of a magic machine.

Entitled, "The City of Gold" this is an energy magic device for use with business, industry, work and so forth.


Rainbow Angels

Here we have The Rainbow Angels. I am fond of these.

I wanted some pure angel energy, rather than getting involved with the disturbed thought fields of Christian style angels.

So I made these. They have different levels and layers and you can play with them here:

Art Spell

This is an example of a modern energy magic spell you hang on the wall - an "art spell." As they're so colourful and relatively small, we call them "cupcakes."

A perfect example of art + magic = modern energy :-)


Magic map

This is a painting, but it's also a map and a play board. Treasure Island.

When you're done, you can hang it back up on the wall where it will continue to do its energy thing :-)


Magical spirals

Ammonites! The spiral is the symbol for magic. It's in a galaxy and a baby fern, it's a wonderful thing.

These "magic toys" are ammonite collages I made recently. More ammonites and the spiral secret here:


Magic star gates

Ah ... the energy magic star gates :-) Wonderful toys, endless adventures await ... :-)


The most magical toys of them all - The Mens.

And of course, the most magical toys of them all ... THE MENS!

<3 The Mens :-) for more about The Mens, incl. their kids book, and you can follow the adventures of the mens on Facebook:



Live. Explore. Discover.

PLAY in the oceans of energy!


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