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The Mens

The Mens

Ah ... the mysterious mens! Are they art or are they magic? Are they tools or are they toys? Where did they come from and where will they go? These and many other questions ... :-)

* You can follow with the latest adventures on their very own photoblog:

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* MAJOR NEWS! The Mens have their (first?) picture book! See/read "The Adventures of The Mens" here!


The Mens FAQ


What are The Mens?

The mens are small people, about 5cms high, weighing as much as 23 peas, with a very happy disposition.

This is a MENS - A Mens standing on the creator's hand :-)

This is a mens! Standing on the creator's hand :-)


Why are they called The Mens?

Small humanoid figures were called "mens" by a young child once upon a time. As in Lego mens, soldier mens, Playmobile mens and so forth. It seemed an excellent name for the mens!

A lego type "mens" with mens


Where did The Mens come from?

Answer 1: Whilst making TGS (The Genius Symbols) sets in 2009, the creator (me, Silvia) experimented with making humanoid shapes as the base templates for the symbols.

This was most fascinating and small humanoid figures, not fully 3D at the time, were made with resin.

The resulting entities were so fascinating that more mens were made, at first for TGS sets, but then they became entities in their own right, with their own existence. 

TGS or Energy Symbol Mens in a circle

Answer 2: All mens start out like little stars in a dimension that is high above and far away. These stars start to flow down towards our physical dimension and as they do, the star turns into a sphere that solidifies, becomes more material, turns into a rain drop as it enters our dimension, and finally, into an egg. When that egg is given love, a micromens will hatch. If the micromens is loved, they will eventually become a minimens, and then a fully grown responsible adult, a mens, in other words.

 A micromens hatching from an egg

A micromens hatching from an egg.


Why are The Mens here?

They just happened. We cannot know in detail or perhaps we shouldn't ask such "Why" questions. Perhaps we should focus on what they bring into this reality with their very presence instead.

One thing that mens can do is to make humans smile. The mens are absolutely and 100% excited to be here and find to be in our physical reality to be the most amazing adventure in every way.

So perhaps mens have come to remind us just how amazing the world is we live in, how extraordinary *everything* really is.

Perhaps the mens are here to help us see, hear, feel, taste, smell and sense the world in a new way, a younger way.

Perhaps the creator just wanted to have fun and play!

If you have mens of your own, you can wonder and ask them, as well :-)

Two ladies with a mens smiling



Are The Mens art, or are they magic?

The creator is adamant that they are art. Each mens is a sculpture in their own right, and more than a sculpture, each mens is an entity, a being.

Thus each mens doesn't only have a physical form, but each mens also has a story.

The mens are not just art, they are also magic - some (including the creator!) find that this is one and the same.

Mens create change in the physical world by virtue of their presence.

Mens change the behaviour of humans by virtue of their presence.

There is a lot more magic to it than that, but to create change in the physical world by the application of energy is what energy magic is all about.

Stonehenge Mens


Are The Mens tools, or are they toys?

An energy magician will use mens as magic tools, of course.

A psychologist might use mens as therapy tools.

An energist might use mens for energy constellations.

An artist might use mens for a tool to break the ice of the ages between normal, every day people and snooty, exclusive, expensive, incomprehensible, massive, scary "art."

That makes The Mens capable of being tools, but they're not only tools. They are also art, and magic.

And as to toys ...

If a person's idea of "a toy" is a cheap piece of crap made from plastic that is worthless and pointless, then they are definitely not toys.

If a person's idea of "a toy" is something that only children play with before they grow up and see the errors of their ways, then The Mens are definitely not toys.

If a person's idea of "a toy" is a significant artefact designed to aid a human being in their personal development and growth in a natural and organic way, then The Mens are proud to be called toys.

So - The Mens are art AND magic AND tools AND toys ... AND what else might they be ...? :-)

Magic Mens & Flowers

Micromens learning to listen to the song of the flowers. 


What's with The Adventures of The Mens?

That's the whole point - the Mens *are* an adventure. They are an adventure for the people who engage with them, and of course, The Mens love adventures beyond everything else, because that's how they learn, that's how they grow, that's how they get their kicks!

The Mens are neither male nor female, so they aren't focused on sex all the time. This sets them free to seek other forms of orgasmic experiences - and they find these by having their adventures with their humans.

Humans need to take their mens out on adventures. That doesn't mean riding a raft over the rapids of the Amazon, or climbing a mountain in Peru in your bare feet.

It means letting The Mens share in with the wonders of every day, for EVERYTHING is an amazing adventure to a mens.


Mens are totally amazed at everything we do, everything we have - from the sunshine to the wind and rain, from an ant to a butterfly, from a kitchen table top to a spoon, from a strawberry to a tea cup.

They are wide open to experiences, all the time, and everything makes them happy.

They're amazing, really. I for one I'm glad they're here!

Mens ice skating on a bucket


What's next for The Mens?

Who is to know? Let's find out. Let's continue with the great Adventures of The Mens.



Silvia Hartmann

May 2016


PS: Follow the up-to-date Adventures of The Mens all around the world here. 


27 Jan 2016: I love this image. My works of art interacting with miniature versions of other works of art of mine, thus forming another piece altogether. Really enjoying this one!

Mens at an exhibition of modern energy art being inspired


After visiting the creator's Modern Energy Art Exhibition, the Mens were super inspired and wanted to create their own paintings!

See what they created and get the story of the Mens 1st Art Exhibition here:


The Mens 1st Art Exhibition


The Artmens creative art collective requesting to be allowed to paint!


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