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The Heart of Gold Painting

The Heart of Gold Painting

The Heart of Gold Painting, balancing brother to The Big E, painted for the first Modern Energy Conference in 2016. 

The Heart of Gold Painting plus Silvia

The Heart of Gold Painting - Brother to The Big E

Mixed media, canvas, 1m2 October 2016, Silvia Hartmann



Mini Heart of Gold for the mens

The Mens wanted their own versions of the Big E and Heart of Gold Paintings, so they got them!


Heart of Gold Painting in the background, Silvia Hartmann and Jamesylvester Urama with the Mini Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold Cupcake went home to Nigeria with Jamesylvester Urama :-) 

Heart of Gold Vector Version 1

Playing with a vector version of Heart of Gold x


 Note: The Heart of Gold is a super-metaphor in Modern Energy. 

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