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The Mens Are Still Here ...

The Mens Are Still Here ...

The Mens have inserted themselves successfully into all sorts of areas of "normal" life. They have a day job and are a part of the family. I thought it was time to add some family snapshots as the Mens continue to play their part in the great unfolding tapestry :-)



That was very much a "thing" in 2020 :-)

The Mens were astonished by it, too :-)


In 2020 also, the Mens got a day job - as the official size guide for Touch Wood Turning!

They are doing a great job and are very proud of themselves! :-)




One of my favourite Mens photos from early 2021 - a Mens looking at itself in one of my mirror charms :-)

Of course, it is fascinated and delighted with what it sees and feels!


And then, a mini MirrorMens wanted a go as well ...

Now a MirrorMens isn't technically a Mens, but we're super inclusive here.

Go for it, and meet your mirror MirrorMens!


Whatever else is going on, the Mens are usually right in the thick of it!

Here is a group of Mens and MiniMens who became fascinated with the mystery of the 8 pointed Star :-)


What is this kind of Mens? A mechanical Mens?

Can we have a conversation with it?

Can it be a friend?

Well, of course!

The Mens love everyone!


These are magical Sanctuary flowers, growing from magical grass.

Should they get eaten by a cow, it would produce magical milk :-)


This is the Energy Symbol for "The Gift," and also for MIRACLE.

The Mens understand miracles very well indeed ...

They are carrying The Gift to you! :-)


So many happy new green friends! AWESOME!!!

The Birds Eye Spring 2021 happy vegetable advertisement gains the official approval of The Mens 🙂

*Can be viewed here: 🙂


"You are ... my LUCKY STAR ..."

Mens LOVE Luck, it's a part of who they are.

They are super-lucky!

Oh, to be a Mens ... :-)


On Sunday Live, April 11th, 2021, the Mens became part of the show for the 1st time.

An entire tribe proudly helped frame the experience!

Video here:

We may well wonder ... what would a Star Child be playing with ...

Or a better question would be, WHO would a Star Child want to play with ...?


Mens Spring Boing

Spring has sprung! Boing! :-)


Mens in a can


 Infinite Potential Mens :-)

Infinite Potential Mens :-)


Aaaah ... :-) 

As we say ...


Mmmh ... June 2021 ...


Mens standing behind a gorgeous sea shell with a fabulous pearl inside :-)

Magical Sea Shell & Pearl found by the Mens on the shores of the Universal Ocean :-)

July 2021

Make more mens!

 A blue mens in front of the miracle pyramid

The Pyramid Builder


Mens admiring the Little Dragon :-)

Mens admiring the Little Dragon :-)


Mens with the GoE Guardian Angel :-)

Mens with the GoE Guardian Angel :-)



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