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Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg

The Egg is a super-metaphor or meta-metaphor and a very powerful energy entity. I could go on about it for hours! The egg is also a symbol for change. For new beginnings. Tonight, I wanted to create a Dragon Egg ...

Colourful geometric egg on a dark background vector drawing by Silvia Hartmann

I am the creator of Project Sanctuary and SuperMind. I have had so much fun over the years, I wish everyone who needs this their very own dragon egg! That was the Modern Energy Art Solutions set up for this particular egg.

This particular magic egg was made using vector software and my own special colour textures, but magic eggs can be made in any modality and of course, including sculpture or making Faberge eggs :-)


It's a wonderful, magical, eggsiting process and you can find instructions on how to make your own magic energy art eggs here:

Magic Egg Energy Art Exercise Preview


And here is more about the egg as a metaphor for change.

Golden egg bright


We also have the original precursor for Modern Energy Art Symbol Hybrids, The 11 Mysterious Flying Eggs 2004:

11 eggs flying right


And, more recently, The Cosmic Egg 2017 ...

Cosmic Egg painting by Silvia Hartmann

Eggsiting! Eggstraordinary! Eggsemplary! Eggsquisite! :-)

 The egg story is continuing ... :-)

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