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MEA "CupCakes" 2021

MEA "CupCakes" 2021

CupCakes are small square 10cm x 10cm mini-MEAs. I love making them. Here I'll collect them as they come along in 2021.

The "Blessed Child" Stars

In April of 2021, I was making a lot of 8 pointed stars which led to the creation of The Blessed Child (TBC).

This kick-started the making of a number of CupCakes, each one an evolution in its own right, and was also instrumental in getting to the two "messages in a bottle" MEAs a little later.


The first of the TBC Magic Stars was

A Blessed Child Star - No. 1



I was laughing as I put the No. 1 on the back - it presupposes there will be more!

And there were ...


Sparkle Star!



Next, we have "Infinite Potential" which wanted to go bigger a short time later.


The larger version is here:


Stars are just the BEST meta-metaphor!!!

Next, a ...

Shining Star

Shining Star



Gold Star

The Gold Star arrived as a bit of fun - a new Star Matrix Master commented that they wanted a badge to hold up, "There's a new sheriff in town! Let me through, I'm a Star Matrix Master!" and I thought, yeah - a Gold Star! :-) This Gold Star is gold leaf, so there's real 24k gold energy in this CupCake.



There are so many wonderful themes featuring STARS and all of them are just delightful!

"You are my ...


Lucky Star

 ... featuring my special magic mix of colourful things ... Luck is perhaps the greatest treasure?

No, OK, Love is the greatest treasure, but LUCK certainly comes a close second!


At night, I ..


Wish Upon A Star




 All the TBC CupCakes (so far!) came from late April to May 2021. 


The 1st Mini Magic Mirror - Little Treasures

I was making the big magic mirror "Treasures" and wondered if I could make a cupcake version.


I wanted to put little colourful "diamonds" around the mirror but I didn't have any, so I decided to try using Sharpies :-)

CupCakes are perfect for all sorts of experiments :-)


As you can see if you look really carefully, the colours ran somewhat.

Also, two flying sparkles landed in the middle during the curing process.

I soothe myself with the thought that this makes it quite unique :-)


Overall, I am quite pleased by the little MEA.

It's a "little treasure" in its own right.






Infinity Mirror

The little Magic Mirror was fun, but it didn't have the Energy Symbols round the outside and I was missing them. It's a small space on a CupCake, but I gave it a go. This is the first prototype. A black magic mirror and of course, a symbol sphere, portable, useful :-)






It's called the Infinity Mirror because it looks like looking into infinity when you look inside it, a quirk of the process of making it.

Lovely little Magic Mirror with its own personality. June 9, 2021


Mini Magic Mirror "Nebula"

Insanely difficult to photograph, but great fun to play with, this is a black mirror with fine sparkles that is deeply meditative.

Takes you into the ultraviolet dimensions ...







The Idea of a Tree





Feeling Crystaline


Feeling Crystaline (Day)


Feeling Crystaline (Back)


Feeling Crystaline (Night)




UFO 1 with flash

UFO 1 in daylight


UFO 1's first public appearance on Sunday Live (Inspiration) July 18 2021


UFO 2 Magic Nebula



UFO 3 In the Light Dimension



 Three Energy Symbol Devices!

Symbol Storm

Holding it like a phone made the thumbs go to different symbols, which resulted in Nos 2 and 3.


Symbol Device No. 1


Making 23 Energy Symbosl square makes 2 additional squares. I chose to add the SuperMind symbol and the question mark.



Starry Symbol Device




 My Spark of Inspiration!

Spark of Inspiration gif by Silvia Hartmann




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