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The Blessed Child

The Blessed Child

I had a major threshold shift as a person and as an artist with PLAY SPACE. This finally allowed me to start on The Blessed Child, which had been haunting me since January. I eventually completed it in 3 days and 3 nights, like an ancient ritual ... It all starts of course, with a story. A Star Story, in this particular case ...

The Story:



I am standing on a hilltop, an early summer morning, before the sun has risen, yet it is bright, very bright already. There is dew in the grass at my feet; there is an old country road, just earth and stones, two rutted tracks with a small strip of grass and flowers in the middle leading up from the valley to where I am standing at a cross roads.

Halfway up the road, between valley and hilltop, I see a very small child in a white night dress that is too big for her, it reaches nearly to the ground. Her hair is tangled and her feet are bare.

She is walking on the centre of the road, stopping every so often to bend down to examine a flower, or a stone.

I watch her in fascination.

There are little rivers shimmering in the rising light of water running down the old road; it must have rained in the night.

She sits down to play with a miniature waterfall, arranging stones so it changes the path of the little sparkling river, in a world of her own, and at the same, in the real world, where water moves as water should, and the dusty stones from the fields come to life and sparkle many colours, reveal themselves to be as precious as any jewel could be …

I recognise this Star Memory. In a moment, she will look up and around, and she will have an experience whereby you can reach out and touch all the land and move it around, just like you can move the little rocks on the road; the movement is one and the same; the world is your kingdom and you can arrange it at will.

Standing there on the hilltop, looking at this child, I am beyond … astonished? Amazed? Un-understanding at how small this child is. It is one thing writing into the Book of Stars an entry that reads “1962, 3 years old.”

It is another thing altogether seeing this tiny child from this perspective.

She is so small.

So fragile.

I have never thought of “myself” as fragile, and if that concept was explained to this earnest child who is seriously re-arranging the entire world here before sunrise on this old post road, she would have become very angry and likely called me a fool for saying such a stupid thing.

What am I to do with this?

I literally have no idea.

One thought is that she should not be here by herself.

The other thought immediately is that if she wasn't here by herself, there is no way she could have had the experience she has just had.

No way. Put an elder, a keeper, a friend, a pet, a forest creature or even a fairy godmother into the scene, and she would not have had that experience of what “reality creating” actually is, how that works, how you do that, and that you have the power to do that, if only you knew …

Could it be that the child found someTHING else to couple bubble with ..? Seeking a connection, as all children do, she connected … with the land …? With the Great Creative Order …?

This is an extraordinary moment, and I feel so, so privileged to be able to be here and witness this from my current perspective, as my current self.

I don't want to mess with this.

I remember that she will “wake up” at some point, shaking with cold, and that the journey home was very hard, that her feet were bleeding by the time she got back, just in time before the whole household was awake and frantic with noises and chaos once more.

That was not important. It had been worth it, like all the other adventures, expeditions, explorations, amazing experiences – the cost in the Hard was always the smallest price to pay, really, a bargain of epic proportions.

I am smiling all through my Sanctuary body as I remember all these wondrous moments, a river, sparkling stream of wonderment, high above and far away from the stupidity of the Hard, a true lifeline that has been my joy all my life, has never stopped and will never end.

I think about blessing the child who is about to wake up to her physical circumstances but I don't need to. She is so, so blessed; she is a blessed child in this incarnation.

She will grow up and struggle like crazy in the Hard, and it will not matter, because she is connected to that sparkling river which will always be there for her, no matter what, and deep down, she knows this, and relies on this absolutely.

She will follow her fascinations, and along the way, will do her best to help her fellow travellers, try to find ways to help them be more playful, be more child-like, and not become like those eroded people whose shine diminishes ever further, the longer they wail and thrash because they simply don't know about … all the things that really matter.

That is the constant.

That's my life.

I am the blessed child.

Silvia Hartmann

Jan 4, 2021


I knew from the get go exactly how the painting that goes with it should look. One of those straight line, geometric things like StarMan, with an indicated road, the child, grey/silverish ground and the starry space above, with some large stars in a particular pattern. It was there, but I didn't feel I could "tackle it" at the time.

More evolution was required - and PLAY SPACE did the trick. There was a level of magic and intention that became unlocked, like playing a computer game on a new level. I could finally do "The Blessed Child."

And so one night I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed a random bit of scrappy paper and drew out the design.

 I had a canvas in mind when I sketched the design; folded the bit of paper so the dimensions would be similar. It occurred to me to wonder what the relationship to the ground was to the stars above, so I got a ruler to measure that. To my amazement, it was exactly 7cms below and 14 above. It never ceases to amaze me that there is something inside of us that "knows" down to the millimeter where something has to go - like the horizon line. The wonders of The Click! That was encouraging :-)

The design of The Star Child on the road was also incontrovertible. Fascinating how that works ...

Next, we needed some stars.

 I made four different star sizes from art clay, made the moulds, cast the stars and backed them with holographic foil. They came out very nice. The big one at the top is a straight star, all the others are the 8 pointed Star Matrix type stars with the geometric insides.

Now the lines could be drawn on the canvas and the major components placed, with a place holder for the Star Child.

 The backgrounds got painted and the stars and the Star Child were placed in position, the power lines affirmed.

 Now for the scary part - adding the resin and the sparkles. Here is the place where the whole thing could have gone wrong. Courage required!

A funny moment - when I was adding the sparkles to the resin at the end, I didn't "want" that many - but my hand had a mind of its own and chucked the whole handful into it! Instead of sprinkling it on carefully as "I" had planned to do. That's a LOT of stars, at least ten times as much as "I" had "thought" were required for this picture!

Well, the whole thing was carefully resin covered and then had to be left for it to set.

 First glance of the finished project! It has turned out alright! Relief!

The Star Child finally in its starry space :-)

 I was very excited to take it outside to greet its first sunlight at dawn.

 Because of the resin coating and the nature of the sparkles, which are silver but holographic/iridescent, the painting looks very different according to the type of light, time of day and environment.

I took a photograph in the studio out of curiosity as well.


 And here's the obligatory provenance shot in the garden with one very happy and relieved artist - the mission to create The Blessed Child is complete!


 April 9th, 2021



I posted the studio image to social media, and shared it with a German language group.

In German, I wrote the comment:

"The Magical Child Within" was a major obsession of the old New Age - but they were going in the wrong direction, only thinking of the wounded child, the abused child, the hurt child, the broken child - and that's the wrong direction.

The real magical child within, the real Star Child, The Blessed Child, is not to be found in the trauma hell. It lives in the StarFields, in Star Heaven and it is whole, powerful, complete. When we connect with the real Star Child instead, we are gaining access to the very source of our power, our magic.

We are so unbelievably entrained to believe that you can only be saved by looking at the worst things. This is what everyone else thinks and says.

To stand up against that, and to say, NO, that is fundamentally WRONG, that is going in the wrong direction! - well, I know how hard that is, to hold that position.

But I also know, it is the correct position, the right way towards love. To go towards love, to search for love, to learn from love.

If we really want more love, then we have to study love, to look there, where love has shown itself, where love was present, where love's wonderwings wrote the correct instructions into the sands of time for us.

Silvia Hartmann, April 10th 2021



The Star Child is amazing. And it's only just begun ... 

First Sunday Live after completing TBC!


August 2023 update:

I am currently creating the illustrations for my 2nd book of fairy tales, "DragonGold." One story, "The Magic Toy" wanted to have the Blessed Child as the illustration, the same grid but different colours.

Can we now come out of that closet and say loudly that the "magical child within" is your soul?

Yes please!

 Star Blessed Child
Star Blessed Child for "Magic Toy" in DragonGold Fairy Tale Collection
August 2023

The Blessed Child -
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