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The Grand Universal Procession

The Grand Universal Procession

Although the Grand Universal Procession was created in 2017, it never got its own entry for many reasons. There was too much going on at the time for me to record everything properly is one of those, but the other is that TGUP is an absolute !"!!£!! to photograph. However, in the greater scheme of things, it is one of those breakthrough MEA objects - it is a different way to conceptualise Star Matrix. So here is the Grand Universal Procession, beautiful in real life and one of my favourite things.

So the idea behind the Grand Universal Procession is that it is a time line or a life line of a person's life; and the sparkling bits are the good memories; the bigger gold flakes (the most precious treasures & riches!) are the Star Events, the BEST memories of our lives, the ones that "flash before our eyes" when we believe to be close to death.

The Grand Universal Procession is therefore "a picture of a person's timeline" at first glance.

 Grand Universal Procession - A Person's Timeline

 The Grand Universal Procession by Silvia Hartmann 2017

How TGUP was made: I painted the background, then applied the finest sparkles first, going up through the grades until the big gold flakes were last. The "hand movements" to distribute the sparkles are the same as doing an Art Solutions painting, where the hand holds a brush or a pen instead. I then applied resin over the top and that makes TGUP both extremely interesting to the human eye, as well as damn near impossible to photograph at the same time! :-)

Grand Universal Procession - magic mirror

Because it is so reflective, and with the sparkles, TGUP acts as a large "magic mirror" as well. There's more about MAGIC MIRRORS here. 

Reflection Demonstration

 When you photograph this picture, it always seems as though there are grey smears but these are actually areas of particularly dense sparkles. Here is a detail:

With Silvia in the garden, May 2021 (painting is from 2017)

Grand Universal Procession with Silvia 2021

Grand Universal Procession with Silvia 2021

TGUP had some babies :-) because I wanted to try different colour spaces and also thought of the smaller ones as cupcakes to find new owners at some point. They were listed in the original article here:


The description from 2017 reads: 

The Grand Universal Procession is a galaxy seen from the side, like the Milky Way, but it is also a person's timeline, with their events shown as stars.

It is time, I guess, to not think of our lives as linear time lines, but instead, time sculptures, multi-dimensional, in motion, ALIVE and rushing into the future :-)

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