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Modern Energy Art Magic Charms Gallery

Modern Energy Art Magic Charms Gallery

As a part of sorting out my art timeline, I took some photos of the "charms" my aspects have made to wear on videos yesterday. As I make more, which seems inevitable at this point, I'll add them to this gallery.

As a part of sorting out my art timeline, I took some photos of the "charms" my aspects have made to wear on videos yesterday. I've made charms for going out in public for some time; it started at the same time as Art Solutions, when I had access to a silversmith and got them to make designs for me.

I don't think of them as "jewellery" and when I started making videos, they became a part of that game. Instead of endlessly having to buy new clothes, I decided to go with black tops and a charm for the "look."

This gave my aspects the excuse to go for it and make many, many charms :-) Very enjoyable, essentially wearable mini-sculptures, and a way to bring ART into the game, no matter what the topic may be, philosophy, personal development, Q&A, all things energy ... There's always ART close to my HEART :-)

The cool thing about making these charms was also that as they are essentially "theatre props," I could just make whatever I wanted. It didn't have to be "good" and I didn't have to study jewellery making and set up a whole new workshop - it was only about ENERGY and INTENTION, with a dash of "how it looks on camera" thrown in.

I could use all sorts of materials :-) and my aspects did. A favourite charm was made in a lid from a yoghurt container :-)

From a little aluminium foil, you can make just about anything, and aluminium is a very cool container for energy. It's metal but it side steps all the problems with gold and silver ... :-)

When I make a new charm, the prototype is also sent to a workshop in Pertineri, where skilled craftspeople make sellable versions and add them to the magic shop as a new line :-) :-) :-)

As I was looking through the pictures from yesterday, the artist's pallette caught my eye.

It's an example of something that is beyond OBVIOUS to have as a "general jewellery design" and yet if you were to search the WWW for such a thing, you'd be lucky to find anything even close.

Why isn't that there? Why aren't there versions of it for every pocket, from tiny ones made from silver with little semi-precious stones, or even just any old silver metal with glass stones, all the way to platinum set with high precious stones? So that families who have a young artist give such a thing as a present, denoting they recognise the artist? Or people who would like to be artists, or known as artists, could wear that and strangers would know what they love to do?

Or, and this was my train of thought this morning, to wear it as a protection charm when you're going somewhere challenging, to keep the "magical artist within" safe and stand by them? And, if you don't want people to know you're employing that, you can wear it under your clothes when you have an opening night in a gallery and you want to make sure you stay sane when muppets say hurtful things?

I often ask myself, "Why are these things not there? Am I crazy somehow, am I missing something, that the world doesn't need this particular charm?"

But I feel it does, simple as it is.

Being an ARTIST, really embracing that and whatever else "you are," making sure that YOU know that, as well as other people know it too, has some serious advantages in the Hard.

It gives license not to kill, but to be extremely and unusually DIFFERENT. It is an excuse for doing or not doing all manner of things that are societally expected from any person, as well as doing your own thing - and that's OK because you "are an artist."

Adopting that job title of THE ARTIST gives instant permission to be ... pretty much whatever you want to be, as long as it falls within the laws of the Hard.

I have used that "get out of social jail free" card that the ARTIST denomination  gives a person ... always. Yes, always. People are weird about art and artists; deep down, they think it's some kind of magic, and you know what? They are quite right.

Art is magic. That's what it is, that is what it's for, and an artist is an alchemist by any other name.

A creator of reality, literally.

Now with Modern Energy Art, I have established that making powerful art is actually a normal human ability that just gets choked off in people as they go through the entrainments of the Hard.

Theoretically, every person therefore could wear the painter's pallette Art Charm and benefit from it. Ha! Imagine, every child got such a thing seriously gifted to them at age 3 ... Society as we know it would have to crumble ...

At any rate. I love the idea of the Art Charm as both a form of protecting and encouraging the magical artist (alchemist, magician, reality creator!) within as well as a statement that the wearer has accepted this ... fact. Consciously.

I wear mine over my clothes, quite visibly, and because it is for video, mine is BIG. Hehe. They could come in all sorts of sizes too ...

I think the world should have this charm as a symbol for everyone to know, to understand it, and for those who are far enough along the way to know we are all artists, to spot on other people and smile, and nod.

 Don't Worry, Be Happy! Charm

(This sits on a MIRROR so it serves also as a protection against people who try to get you down)


Symbol Painting Charm

Just a bit of fun and also, an invitation to make ART SOLUTIONS charms and generally, wearable art of any kind.

A picture frame can contain ... ... ... ??????


StarMan Charm

Like the MirrorMan, only it's got little stars to make it sparkle instead.


Star Light Charm

This happened spontaneously; I enjoyed making the Star Light Charm immensely.

Discovered the "water drops" effect which spawned many drop/water/daily diamonds inspired other things.


S Symbol Charm

The SuperMind Symbol


Octo Charm!

October 8th is Octo day but if you have the charm, every day can be Octo day! :-)


Gold Nugget Charm

... with emeralds and sapphires :-)


Moon Water Mirror Charm


Magical Moon Squid Charm

(Glows in the dark)


 Water Mirror Charm


Mirror Picture Frame Charm


The Original MirrorMan Charm

For the Star Matrix Masters videos & all things Star Matrix since.


Holographic Mirror Charm

More subtle than a straight mirror.


Red Mirrorball Charm

Made for Power of the Positives 6, the sexy positives.


Mirrorball Heart Charm


Mirrorball Charm

The mirrorball was the master metaphor for The Power of the Positives course.


The Gift Charm

Made from 3 Chinese fortune cookie wrappers, I had the insight during making this that The Gift is not the "luckiest" energy symbol, but indeed, THE STAR.


The Lucky Star Charm

Direct follow on from the Gift charm above - just had enough colour confetti left to make it.


Magic Water In Purple Charm

"Give me purple, and I will give you love."


Water of Life Charm

Water coming from space, the wisdom of the water, daily diamonds and so much more ...


The next three pics are all of the same charm, it is colour changing.

Magic Water Charm




Ice Cube Charm :-)

When you really need to keep your cool ...


Harvest Festival Charm

*Related to "Harvesting From The Tree of Lights" which is a Star Matrix thing.


Summer Holiday Charm


A Drop Of Gold Charm


Gnome In A Bottle Charm

There's a story to go with that here.


Friends in High Places Charm

The energy symbol FRIEND simple version.


Free The Fish! Charm

Relating to the fish metaphor from r[E]volution


Freedom Bird Charm


Festival Charm


Fan Art Charm :-)

Turbo-charge this incarnation :-)


Energy Symbol MAGIC Charm


Energy Symbols Globe Charm


Energy Symbols THE GIFT Charm


Energy Symbols Disc Charm


EMO Space Charm


Journeys Of Discovery Charm


Daily Diamonds 3 Leaves Charm


Pink Daily Diamonds Charm


Energy Art Charm


Ancient Guardians Charm

This is old, one of the first I made in resin.


The Blessed Child Star Charm


The Nature Star - Green Star Charm

That is a long story but it has a Star Event inside of it - Healing By Nature.

There's a Youtube video about that here:

The Nature Star


The "Candyfloss" Charm

Oh there's a long story behind this one ...

Child of



 charm candyfloss


I needed a new Opal in my life. 

As they are way too expensive right now, I made one :-)

 Charm My Opal


A white opal charm for those special moonlit moments :-)

 Charm Moon Opal


Now this next one created a story and a threshold shift ...

The "Alien Opal" Charm

charm alien opal


Immortality Butterfly


Little Butterfly

Same charm, different light:


 The UFO Pendant!


The UFO Pendant in different lights

UFO Pendant on Sunday Live, July 18 2021


Layer Cake Love Charm

This became a 1 minute instructional video how to make this, and the first "short" on my youtube channel in 2021.

Layer Cake Love Charm Modern Energy Artefact by Silvia Hartmann


The How To:

How to make a layer cake love charm


New Worlds Charm

I kept looking at the New World in the Dragon Flying painting, and in the end, I had to make myself a "discovering New Worlds" charm.

New World Charm



E Charm

For when I want to go really E themed on video :-)

E Charm

 E Charm! :-)


GoE Angel Gold & Blue Magic Charm by Silvia Hartmann


 The GoE Angel - got it's own entry here:


More to come ... TBC as they say :-)

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