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Digital Dreams 2022

Digital Dreams 2022

The year 2022 is here, and here is the new Digital Energy Art collection!

I sign my art with SFX (Starfields, with love) and then put the year beneath that. So, and after a LOT of art all signed SFX21, to do the SFX22 was quite strange. Also, the thought occurred - what should be the very very first SFX22? To set the tone for the entire year? Hehe and my hand started to doodle and we ended up with this as the No. 1 for 2022:


Whoohoo!! Smile


I am amused by this, but also inspired. There has to be "fun" in art, and as artists, we're supposed to have fun making art!

I do want more fun in my art!

Then, Modern Energy Art doesn't have to be complicated, or "impressive," or expensive, or technically brilliant.

Smile It just has to have ENERGY! Smile

"Whoohoo!!" has an E frame if you look closely, and is in the Sanctuary colours (SuperMind).

That is so, so meaningful to me, personally as well as professionally. The two are really one and the same. Always have been. My work is my life, my life is my work.

I am incredibly lucky that way!

The Mens hiding in the letters, that really made me laugh.

Yes, a really fun start to Digital Dreams 2022!


Ruby Flame

Ruby Flame

This is a classic Digital Dream - 3am, what dreams may come ...?


Ancient Alien Artefact

Ancient Alien Artefact

This is a variation on the Ruby Flame and it reminded me of Pharaoh's head pieces, which then went into a story of finally, an excavation found an unmistakably "ancient aliens" artefact - a space helmet of unknown metals that doesn't fit a human being. Numerous ancient alien theory proponents died from shouting, "Told you so!!!" to often and too loudly shortly afterwards!


Caribbean Holiday Digital Energy Art

Caribbean Holiday!

I needed some serious Energy Nutrition following the death of a dear friend.

As an energy artist, you can evoke the shapes and colours you need to give the energy body a boost - proper energy vitamins, proper energy nutrition.

So many people take vitamins for their physical bodies, and never stop to think what their living energy bodies need.

I am really grateful that I have the option of creating the right shapes and colours to literally make me "feel better."

Thank you, Caribbean Holiday, just what the energy doctor ordered today! xxx








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