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Favourite Photographs

Favourite Photographs

A collection of favourite photographs. Once in a while, interesting things happen when you do photography. I shall be adding to this as I go along.

The Origins of Philosophy

The Origins Of Philosophy 2002


Aloe Vera slice with sunlight behind it and bokeh background

"Aloe Vera" - love this picture, it transmits the magical nature of Aloe Vera perfectly for me. 2004


Gel dimensions wonderworld photograph purple gel drop

Gel Dimensions, from WonderWorlds 2009 onwards. 


Daily Diamonds - Dew on fresh grass

Daily Diamonds from Daily Diamonds (I still photograph these to this day, one of my favourite things).



Submission Man in Black & White Photograph by Silvia Hartmann

Submission 2012, from the Real Man project.


Visitor from the Light Dimensions - Sculpture Photograph by Silvia Hartmann

Visitor from the Light Dimensions (October 2014)

This is a photograph straight off the camera, done with my old glass, featuring one of the small "men sculptures" I made for special TGS set, a glass prism, some daylight projector foil and various other substances :-) 


Stormy dark sky with a sunlight seagull

"Sunlit Seagull" - Sometimes, you're just in the right place at the right time. :-) And have a camera to hand. :-) 


A single bluebell

Yes, it's just a picture of a bluebell ... yet it was a lovely experience to take this "portrait of a bluebell" and getting up close and personal with it. 2014


Magic Bottle

"Magic Bottle" 2014 - More Magic Bottles


I Have Your Back - Two Prisms, a bigger one and a smaller one, standing behind one another in near monochrome with light

I Have Your Back (August 2015)

During our research into energy exchanges between people, we came across "I have your back."

This is not just a turn of phrase, it's an energetic reality and a hugely powerful thing to experience from both perspectives.

When I was photographing some prisms, this image came into being. Loved it then, love it still. 


Summer Sunrise reflected in a dew droplet

Summer Sunrise (August 2016)

Love this photograph of the sunrise reflected in a teensy dew drop on a hairy plant on a wild sea shore at 5 o'clock in the morning. 

One of those moments ... :-)


Water sparkling in the sunlight on a lake photographed through trees with ferns in the foreground

"Lake Magic" 2016 - I spent a very long time getting this image, for the camera to show what I was seeing on the day. No photoshopping, no star filter. 


Black Mercedes Benz Driving On A Forest Road

"Forest Road With Car" by Silvia Hartmann, 2016

I spent a very long time waiting for a car to come along and occupy this position. In the end, I got lucky! I like this picture because it has the feel of an old oil painting of a country road. 

Back in the day, it would have had a horse and cart in it. Now, it should have a car. Perhaps I'll render that in oils one day :-)



Silver sands, silver beach, moonlight, nearly black and white

"Moon Beach" Silver Sands 2016 



 Cars queing at sunset on a motorway to get home

 "Homeward Bound" August 2016

A magic moment with the sunset and all those cars, all those people wanting to get home to their loved ones after a long day. I'm glad I had the camera ready. x




Art Hand - Hand covered in many colours of paint

"Art Hand" by Silvia Hartmann, March 2017

Taking this picture with the left hand and an F1.2 prime lens was a real struggle! But I have the feeling I will be liking this more and more as time goes on.

Hands of energy, healing hands, hands in art - I've got a whole "hand" thing going on, it's true. There is an energy healing exercise for the energy hands of an energy artist (!) here

And it also amuses me to think of this as the energy artist's version of the "Energist's Hand Shake" - "Good morning. My name is Silvia, and I am an energy artist!" Puts a whole new spin on the meaning of "transference." :-)


Three Mens watching the fire

"Three Mens Watching The Fire" by Silvia Hartmann, July 2017


This is one of those lucky things. I made a fire, brought some mens, took the shot - couldn't see a thing in the dark but when I looked at it on the big screen, wow.

Those are the original Project Sanctuary colours, and the random mens I picked up in the dark have the "People" mens in the middle.

Just magical when that happens ... x


Venus In The Night Garden

Venus In The Night Garden - Taken during the 1st Isolation of 2020, in my personal sanctuary. 


Swan in a drop

Whilst making some resin "water drops" for future projects, and I happened to have The Swan on the easel after moving some paintings around for Sunday Live. Now with any of the other paintings, I might not have noticed this; but The Swan is unmistakable.

My favourite photo of 2021 so far :-)


The Happy Place art gems pens

The Happy Place 

This is the perfect representation of having fun in my "happy place" where all the aspects from across time and space come together and enjoy themselves, simply playing with reality. A personally meaningful photograph to me. May 2021. 


Lemon tree leaves against a sunny window

Lemon Leaves (against a sunlit window) July 2022


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